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FA High Ball in Central MA!? - Joah Larson

FA High Ball in Central MA!? - Joah Larson
September 12, 2012 -  Joah Larson    

A video of a recent FA in Central, MA and my thoughts at Comp Climbing VS Rock Climbing!!!


It's been the best summer on record for me so far and i'm not calling it over until I see foliage, snow....or cake...

Recent trips: 

ABS Nationals in Colorado Springs, CO

SCS Nationals in Boulder at Movement

Ring of Fire in Hadely MA at CRG

Dominion River Rock Bouldering Comp in Richmond, VA

Bouldering World Cup in Vail, CO

Rope World Cup in Chamonix, France

I have been competing a lot this year and really psyched on it! It's actually a hard thing to admit, saying you like comps (plastic) as much as you like "rock" climbing (or more. No, I didn't say that). It's a hard thing to understand even for me sometimes, thinking that you could travel all the way across the U.S for a 2 day event and not even climb outside, or fly to France for a long weekend knowing that the comp is going to be more learning than winning. Paying your way to all of these events, paying to be in the events and paying for all of those cups of coffee and croissant adds up in the end! I know my way around the Denver Air Port better then I know my home town air port (Boston! Whoot whoot!)  But yet, we (competitors) still go after it! Comps are addictive for some people and others could do without them. Comps can be more main stream then climbing in the mountains, more non-climbers see the sport, non-climbing sponsors get interested because they can put up a banner at a comp venue and thousands of people will see it. Athletes are treated (almost) like athletes in other sports but without all the money and babes. I look into the future (with my friends thick-ass glasses) and see comps exploding, more and more people training just for one event and some day not have to pay to be there, we get paid by the event/venue to put on a show for them!! For now, comps are my psych and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I am young and not getting any younger. Comps require a ton of training and my body needs to recover quick and when I get older it will be harder to do just that. I understand as I get older it will be harder to do hard routes/boulders but you still hear about older guys sending 14a and V12....right?!?! Basically, being older at a comp and training for months is going to be much harder then being young, fit and nimble.

Heading to Seattle for the UBC event on the 21st and 22nd of September and looking forward to a great comp with many great climbers.


Josh Larson


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