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My First World Championships - Tahnée Seagrave

My First World Championships - Tahnée Seagrave
September 05, 2012 -  Tahnée Seagrave    

At the time I must admit I was not too stoked!! But looking back 2nd place is a good result and I was beaten by a faster rider... it does however make me want this more than ever!


I have a dream to become World Champ and some people just do not read the script!! I got the silver medal  in the Junior Womens event at Leogang it was a good result but not the one I really wanted or expected.

I went to Leogang with the British team 2 weeks ago and really thought I knew the course but honestly I did not, especially the top section! Saying that, I was having so much fun in training in the sun Thursday and then again in the rain on Friday but come Saturday, that I did not push myself when it came to timed training and was surprised by the winners time.

On Sunday, out of the top 3, I made up the most amount of time from the previous day - winner Holly Feniak of Canada was just too fast in that top section of the Leogang BikePark - well done.

Congratulations must go to Danielle Beecroft who came third and was in a hospital in Canada just one week ago!

This was my first Worlds and I have realised what being World Champ is about and in a normal European World Cup this would have brought me first junior but, especially in the junior category, there was riders from all over the world - I was beaten by a faster rider on the day and now truly understand what is needed to become the best of the best...

Thanks to everyone for their support, see you in Hafjell!


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