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The Recent Weeks - Diego Lopez Montull

The Recent Weeks - Diego Lopez Montull
The Recent Weeks - Diego Lopez Montull
The Recent Weeks - Diego Lopez Montull
The Recent Weeks - Diego Lopez Montull
The Recent Weeks - Diego Lopez Montull
September 05, 2012 - 

In recent weeks been full-time, have been very tired but very motivating intense here in Colorado, most of the time I was in Climbing Gym, almost daily training for the competition that will be held on September 11 in Paris, France.

 As I train?

Real mind I have a lot of time training in plastic climber my 15 years have been the most time on the rock, traveling.

But these last four months been different me an e focused more on training:

Average minds came to Climbing Gym at 4 pm, the first thing I try to do five boulders row and then 10 minutes of rest. I repeat that the first time at the end in the first hour ago 10 boulders approx.

The following 2 hours, 20 involve making the hardest boulder in the wall and every 2 boulders do 15 pullups.

I get the last minute not marked boulders, boulders mind are normally very hard to say that 5 I wear only one or two, lately I like to get more original boulder. With dynamic missteps aguares very long or have no logic that does not really know how I will resolve or if they are possible or not, I also like working boulders on the vertical walls, and seen as the last world cup the boulders are highly technical, the feet are very very bad.

On the other hand I realize that much has to do to be in a good holder to improve more, ie all are happy boulder no violence, no traffic, the standard of living is very good and if you are a climber very good place to be. Many rocks and many more to open and very people with whom you can go to either climb the climbing gym or on the rock.

So in two days I am in Paris, ready for the world cup 1012 championship represented Mexico and Fontenebleu 25 days... sow Xido.


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