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Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure

Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure
Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure
Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure
Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure
Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure
Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure
Busy Summer - Sebastien Lazure
September 04, 2012 -  Sebastien Lazure    

I am travelling a lot lately! And I like it!

I was in Squamish for one month this summer and had a super good time with a bunch of my friends. It was my 4th summer there and I managed to climb some projects of my own. I started my trip by trying the crimpy test piece When Harry Met. A v12 problem consisting of only few moves on super thin holds. It gave me some trouble since it’s not a type of problem I’m use to do. After trying it for a couple sessions I had to stop trying it and concentrate my energy on other boulders because my motivation on this one was going down. I was not improving for a while… no progression…  So I tried it back a week or so later and sent it on the first try!


The rest of my trip went well; I did the Squaminator in the North Walls and Summoning in Murrin Park both V12. Summoning was really my style and it’s one of my favourite problems with compression and heel hooks. It was for sure not my most productive summer yet but I had plenty of fun repeating stuff, and cheering my friends in their projects.
On my last day, I did a circuit in the forest which consist of doing the most points possible in a day doing my favourite problems and of any grades that I could manage to do quick. Last time I did one in Squamish I had done 271 points. I had to beat my own record! I climb all day starting at 10am and taking breaks to eat once in a while. We went to the sushi place for dinner around 7:30pm and then the Brew pub until around midnight. I tough I had not enough points and went back in the forest until 2am. I was so tired!! I finished my circuit with a total of 364 points! I didn’t beat my goal of 400 but it’s still not bad!

I started school soon after I came back from the west and we now have to finish the semester that was stopped by the big students strike in Montreal. Two weeks later, I was flying to Munich for a super short trip (4 days) to compete at the boulder world cup. It was my first time in Europe so I tried to visit on my first day and rest before the qualifier the day after.

I did well in qualifiers but made some mistakes. It’s not too bad tough, because it was one of my best performance in world cup and I’m happy with it! I sent 2 problems and did 4 zones out of 5. I think it could have been possible for me to make it to semi, so it’s super motivating for the next training season. The Munich world cup was a great show overall and it was a good experience!! I’m looking forward to do more world cups next season!!

Now I’m leaving on Friday for a week in Paris and the World Championship!!

More to come soon!


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