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Labor Day Weekend - Sierra Carroll

Labor Day Weekend - Sierra Carroll
Labor Day Weekend - Sierra Carroll
September 04, 2012 -  Sierra Carroll    

Sadly no climbing trip was planned for this past weekend after finishing my first week of classes I was unsure as to how difficult the semester would begin and with many of my friends and family sick I chose to not plan a trip to climbing outside anywhere. Though Friday night after discovering that I did not have very much homework I decided I would wake up bright and early Saturday morning to go hike two 14ers and a 13er.


For those of you that might not know the lingo, a 14er is a Mountain that has a height between 14,000 and 15,000ft and a 13er is between 13,000 and 14,000 feet. So Friday night a couple friends and I decided that we would leave around 5am to go and hike Mt. Beirstadt, Sawtooth and Mt. Evans which is around a 10mile hike. As the weather was supposed to be very nice we began the hike with beautiful weather without a cloud in the sky. After a short time we reached the top of Mt. Beirstadt where we spent a short time admiring the view before we began the decent to Sawtooth. We then proceeded to hike Sawtooth with from what we could see to be a clear sky and great temperature. Though as we came cross the ridge and viewed the other side we realized that we were in for a fun surprise with plenty of storm clouds and rain in the distance we quickly ascended  the remainder of ledges on Sawtooth in hopes of making it to the ridge before the storm reached us. Sadly though right as we hiked over the ridge it began hailing and thundering. With the storm on top of us we decided to follow some other hikers as we ran towards some rocks to take shelter. After the hail had begun to subside we continued hiking trying to find the trail and where we were going though we soon realized that in our attempt to find shelter we had gone the opposite direction that we were supposed to in order to summit Mt. Evans. With this realization along with having one of our groups members feeling horrible as a result of altitude sickness we ended up not having the opportunity to go back to finish Evans, and instead found our way down and back to our car after getting a ride with a very compassionate family. Though our trip did not go as planned it turned out to be a great hike, I hope that one day I will be able to go back to do Evans along with many more 14ers. 

Though as for today I am looking forward to what will hopefully be a great training session in the gym tonight at the Spot. Where hopefully I will be able to train hard and get on lots of new problems. For the rest of the week I plan to continue to train indoors as well as coach at the Boulder Rock Club before the weekend when I am looking at going to climb in Clear Creek Canyon to do some routes and climb with a German Exchange student that is living with my parents. All in all, this should prove to be a great week of training after a great weekend.      


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