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Annot, All You Need to Know - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Annot, All You Need to Know - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Annot, All You Need to Know - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
August 28, 2012 - 

Annot, that place so many times my friend Albert Jover "Kueka" I had recommended that we visit, "is like Bleau, but closer" I said, and this year I wanted to go and meet traditional climbing but is to with the birth of my daughter through was not the time, so I ajornamos for summer, we discussed the idea of the family Clecas and point, and at the last moment and Aleix Vilardebo Josep Malo and coincidences of life in the last Scale number appears Annot mini practice guide, because it looks good, if it appears that summer is a good choice, well we have been the first of August last September, so we'll stop there, and we were not disappointed at all, my idea was to do everything, boulder climbing and traditional climbing.



I leave you with practical guidance and gradually photos and video of the days of climbing.

Where it is: Located in the Alpes de Haute Provence, Annot is a medieval town in which you will enjoy walking through the streets of the old laundry or the Church of San Juan Bautista, a people to lose their place to enjoy the shade of the plane trees
Getting there: 621 miles from Vic are driving hours and estimated about 6 h 39 min, although that will depend on the stops that makes everyone in our case with a baby and a child, a little more. (about 7 hours)
What can be done: It is clear that climbing, bouldering, sport climbing, traditional climbing, long way, among other things, mountain biking, hiking, etc, it is interesting that from the last week of August and early September area considered as low season. and accommodation are cheaper.

Climbing Information: In Annot you can combine all kinds of activities related to climbing, bouldering, sport climbing, traditional climbing on fissures, and traditional climbing. The information for each activity you will find it here.

Boulder: Boulder all information on this fantastic Annot this site is updated constantly and reports the opening of new areas, new problems, events, as well as restrictions of some sectors to be on private property, that time did not can be scaled to any sector, etc, etc, the reviews offer them for free via the web.

Sport climbing; Annot has its quirks and have had to spend many years to come is a balance, many climbing routes have carved dams and some boulder problems which led also to be an area with this aurea chopped dam, now no longer the case. The guide where you will find information on rock climbing in Annot "The grimpe au pays d'Annot et d'Entrevaux" available at the tourist office. This guide includes several areas of limestone rock climbing and we are very close to Gorges du Verdon. Price guide 13 Euros.

Classical and trad climbing, Annot is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of traditional climbing on sandstone, the walls of the high valley there are ways for everyone over traditional climbing of all difficulties, to view photos in first thought is that these climbing in Indian Creek, so worry to take a few rolls of tape and a few good friends games, all necessary information here TradAnnot Le blog, detailed information, reviews of his routes, access, etc. what you will find in the guide Traditionnelle à Annot Escalade can be purchased at the base camp for climbers of Annot Café du Commerce and the bookstore dégaine and tourism Office, up 15 Euros

Rock Type: Sandstone, ultra compact sandstone, resembling type Savassona Bleau and therefore fragile in rainy periods, the difference here is that these periods are respected rains, an incredible touch, closer than Bleau and nothing to envy his Parisian neighbor.

Internet connections:-In the same Camping and Tourist Office (where you can print documents). The rates of the Office of Tourism 3 € half / hour, € 5 hours, 8 € 2 hours.

Where to stay: There are several options from campsites, guesthouses, small hotels, and "free camping", we opted for the Camping La Ribiere, next to the lake and have stayed in a luxury bungalow for six, comfortable option you lets go fairly light on the car. Here you will find more information on accommodations.

Services: In the village of Annot find everything you need.

Our first evening here so far has been a bit of social life, locate, visit the Bar Café du Commerce and buy all they have and spend guides nuestar first night here, when the weather surprised us one morning very very fresh , and promises that, we totally luxury in our bungalow and waiting part of the reinforcements arrive, Aleix Vilardebo and Josep Malo who come to spend a few days with us. From here begins the days of climbing.


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