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Beck to School Again - Sierra Carroll

Beck to School Again - Sierra Carroll
Beck to School Again - Sierra Carroll
Beck to School Again - Sierra Carroll
Beck to School Again - Sierra Carroll
August 27, 2012 - 

With the first day of classes today I am officially living in Boulder again. I am back in Boulder to begin my second year as a Civil Engineer at CU. With the beginning of school comes many different things. I spent the last weekend of summer sadly not able to climb as I was instead on a retreat for a scholarship program I am a part of. With my last trip of the summer being all too long ago in my opinion I am at least glad to have gotten out for one last weekend climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park. With the sadness of the last summer climbing day gone I am looking forward to another year in Boulder training on plastic and being even closer to many outdoor routes and problems along with so many amazing gyms here in Boulder. With the new ABC climbing gym opened up in Boulder I am excited to have access to so many nice gyms within biking distance. Another always exciting event that begins with school is the ABS season which I am looking forward to beginning. With ABS season coming up, school starting back up, and having moved to Boulder there are many things that I am excited about in the months to come. As I am closer to many craigs and Boulders I am hoping to get outside this coming weekend and hopefully many weekends to come. At the very least I plan to be able to start training hard on plastic. Though I will miss CityRock and many of the employees and climbers their I am excited to be in Boulder again.


With the past weekend being spent in Allenspark for a scholarship retreat I was able to have a good time doing events and activities outside including swimming across a lake and doing many team building activities. The highlight of the weekend was the sunrise hike we were able to take yesterday as the last hike before the school year began. The hike turned out to be a great experience with not only a beautiful sunrise but also an amazing view of the south side of longs peak. Following the hike I was able to finish moving in to my place in Boulder and prepare for school to begin.

With not being able to climb this past weekend I did my last climbing day of the summer a short time ago in Rocky Mountain National Park. Though the day begin rather gloomy we set off on the hike hoping that the weather would clear. Then after about an hour of rain and thunderstorms the sun finally came back out and allowed us to have a great day of climbing in lower chaos. In the afternoon we met up with some friends I have climbed with for many many years from the East Coast which lead to a great day at the Park with nice and cold whether and sun we were able to get some great pictures of Longs peak and some great climbing in. Though the only send for the day was a V6 I was very glad to have gotten up for the last summer climbing day to project hard stuff. Hopefully now that I am even closer to RMNP I will be able to get up there to climb many days in the months to come, maybe even a few great days of climbing in the snow are to come.

With the last day of the summer gone there are still many climbing and hiking adventures to look forward to in the months to come. Hopefully the months to come will serve to be a great time to train and climb outside.


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