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Super Huck Jam Dyno Competition!! - Aaron De La Cruz

Super Huck Jam Dyno Competition!! - Aaron De La Cruz
Super Huck Jam Dyno Competition!! - Aaron De La Cruz
August 27, 2012 -  Aaron    

So this past Thursday, my home gym Thresh|Hold had their 4th annual Super Hero Huck Jam Dyno Competition! The competition format was top 5 competitors place into finals with the highest point value out of 27 climbs! Finals problems consisted of 3 Final Competition Problems. We collaborated on setting all 3 climbs but set the entire 2nd finals problem. The 3rd and Last Finals Problem was a Three-Part Dyno on our Lead Cave Wall ON TOP ROPE! It was our first time integrating this idea for the Dyno comp so it was something that everyone was looking forward to! Originally, the 3rd final problem was supposed to incorporate using the top off area of our lowest wall and using volumes to have a running start dyno, but unfortunately, the running space was too narrow and dangerous. The idea was to duplicate the scene in "The Dark Knight Rises" when Bruce Wayne is attempting to escape Bane's prison. It fit the competition theme very well but too bad we couldn't do it. However, we had a similar movement where the competitor(s) would have to mantle on a volume and jump to the 2nd part of the dyno. And the crowd was screaming "desshi desshi bassura bassura" just like the film haha, it was a fun time. But other than that, the competitors had a lot of fun. The problems were fairly soft; softer than last year, but it was all worth it. 510's sponsored athlete Kyle Owen expectedly destroyed the competition placing 1st in the entire competition. 2nd Place going to Mike Ryu and 3rd Place going to Steven Mee. The top 5 competitors placing into Finals from 1st to 5th were Kyle Owens, Mike Ryu, Steven Mee, and my good friends Daniel Dinh and Brandon Napoles.

This was my 3rd time participating in this event. The first time I competed I happened to somehow place 4th, not expecting to make it into the finals. The 2nd time (last year) I placed 1st going against 5 other finalists all from Hangar 18 including Kyle Owen. And my third time participating was this year; however I wasn't able to compete (sadly) because I was setting! So I wasn't able to hold my ground and title but it was a blast to see everyone give their all and have fun!

Thresh|hold's ABS Comp is coming up on September 29th. Not too sure if I have to set or if I get to climb in it but regardless, I'm looking forward to it! :)

Until Next Time!


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