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Training for Paris - Delaney Miller

Training for Paris - Delaney Miller
August 26, 2012 - 

15 more days! Then I leave for Paris to compete in this year’s Climbing World Championship! I have been climbing 5-6 days a week and cross training by running almost every day. It’s been tough, but all I can think about is the possibility of making semis this year.


Ever since the conclusion of Youth Nationals in July, I have kicked up my training in hopes that I will be ready to face the world’s strongest climbers in September. I leave the 8th, so I have about 10 more solid days of climbing. I plan on speed climbing every other day, and practicing lead and bouldering the rest. My coaches help me to plan my workouts and get my mental game ready. Last year I had no idea what I was up against; I ended up 47th. This year I’m stronger and more experienced. My goal is to make top 20 or better. I know it will be tough, but I feel like I’ve put the training in and I’m ready fight for the spot.

The other day my friend and I got into an argument about training. I said that training is 50% physical, 50% mental. She said it’s 75% physical and 25% mental. Eventually we just agreed to disagree. I think last year I would have agreed with her, but this year I know I’m right. You can always train more efficiently. The first step to improving your training is evaluating your weaknesses and then figuring out what you must do to address them. When the actual training begins, it’s key to have a positive attitude because that’s what’s going to get you through the workout in the most productive way. You almost always will have more gas in the tank than you think, so if you tell yourself you can do it, then you will. I know, that last statement may sound cliché, but it’s true. Science can back me up if you don’t believe me. Due to a history of starving and a necessity to hunt for one’s food, humans will instinctively want to conserve energy. But my guess is that most of you are not starving and you don’t hunt for your food. So here’s the deal: even when you feel like you can’t push yourself anymore, you probably still can.


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