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Norwegian DWS Rockmaster - Daniel Jung

Norwegian DWS Rockmaster - Daniel Jung
August 20, 2012 - 

The Rockmaster was fun again!! This year the wall was located in Kristiansand. Everything was well organized again.  Just the weather wasn’t that good, some rain. But the route setter dried the holds and so the two qualification rounds and the final worked fine.

I met some more 5.10 climbers there, Mayan and David and Helena from Spain. So There probably will some more blogs about the Rockmaster.

The first round I climbed a bit shy because of some bad landings in the past. But it couldn’t be more perfect, I fall of at the last move, so the highest point and the water felt soft.

But I still had to climb very slow and safe because of the humidity it was a bit slippery. Ha, I fall a few moves before the top because I couldn’t bring up my foot! Funny, something like that never happened to me before, looks like I have to start to do some stretching. I rested got pumped and I jumped down. That was a failure, because I could have touched the next hold, because of I was 4th…

It started raining and I was hoping that the final will take part, so I had a chance to improve my place. Luckily there was a final after the rain! But again I end up with the 4th place. I thought!

During the price ceremonies they called me for the 3th, so I was surprised I didn’t expect it.

That’s because Ian Hollows climbed higher, but he got disqualified, the judges saw him hooking the side of the wall… Of course he didn’t recognize it; also I think it wasn’t an advantage, so it was very bad luck for him…

Normally comps aren’t my cup of tea, but the Norwegian DWS Rockmaster was big fun, even with bad weather.  Looking forward to come again next year!

I sadly don’t have pictures of the comp jet, but I know that 5.10 likes pictures :-) So here is one of me waiting for a bus in Norway :-)

Here are the results:

Hannah Midtbø
Mayan Smith Gobat
Helena Aleman
Christina Maass

1 Magnus Midtbø
2 Jan Hojer
3 Daniel Jung
4 David Gambus
5 Endre Evensen
6 Hermann Nesse Trosby
7 Marcin Mloeck
8 Kjell Mørbech
9 Sverre Aakvaag
10 Atle Åndborgli
11 Izmael Nazari



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