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Some Tripping - Kuutti Huhtikorpi

Some Tripping - Kuutti Huhtikorpi
Some Tripping - Kuutti Huhtikorpi
Some Tripping - Kuutti Huhtikorpi
Some Tripping - Kuutti Huhtikorpi
August 17, 2012 -  Kuutti Huhtikorpi    


It's been a "while" since my last post...

Last summer I went to Rocklands and climbed a bunch of amazing stuff there. For examle Blackshadow, Shosholoza, Macho King, Amphiteater, to mention some of the ones I liked most.

This summer I had a trip in Europe. First I visited Magic Wood. I felt really strong, but wasn't able to climb any of my projects. I was close to send One summer in Paradise at my last day, but hand slipped on the very last move. I would like to blame the hot temperatures, but I just have to accept that I have to get stronger.

After Switzerland I headed to Ceuse. I started easy since I hadn't climbed with rope properly for more than almost two years. I still managed to do two good on-sights on my second day, Makacg Walou and Carte blanch, mainly because they both suited me perfectly. While in ceuse I also climeb my hardest graded route: Slow food gauche (8b+).

It is more than 45 degrees overhanging route with a continuous 18 move crux section, straight from the beginning. After that you have rest and two variations. Thw one going right is 8b and straight-up is 8b+. If you go staright-up you still get one harder section just before you reach the anchor. I still think that you get that "extra" plus a it too easy... Never mind since I anyways thought that the straight version was much nicer and more logical.

Now the trip is over and I'm back to work and climbing in Finland. Hopefully the outdoor season will last till late autumn.

Here are couple of pictures from Rocklands and this summers trip. And you can see what I have been climbing from here:


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