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Trip to EDC IXS Cup in Špičak, Czeck Republik - Spela Horvat

Trip to EDC IXS Cup in Špičak, Czeck Republik - Spela Horvat
Trip to EDC IXS Cup in Špičak, Czeck Republik - Spela Horvat
August 15, 2012 -  Spela Horvat    

After failing the nationals I decided to go to european cup IXS in Špičak, Czeck Republik. My thumb had almost healed and I was already riding a week before so I was feeling strong enough to attend the race. I was in Špičak last year and it turned out to be a disaster as I didn't finish the race, because I fell and couldn't continue riding. But this year was different. I was feeling olympic all week and I knew I could put togheter a solid final run. I was riding fast and enjoyed riding the track, which was really fun to race on. I didn't have any problems with the track, no massive crashes. I finished 7th in the qualifications and I knew I could ride much faster and pedal harder. In the finals a german girl crashed and the race was stopped. In that time I was already on the track so I was stopped in the middle of the track. Me and a couple of other girls had to start again. That is one of the most horrible feelings ever, because they might have just ruined my perfect final run. However my second final run wasn't that good. I got stucked in a tree, messed up almost half of my lines and just couldn't find the right speed. I finished 8th with a good time of 3:48.635, 13.941 seconds behind the winner Miriam Ruchti. However I was still almost 10 seconds faster than in quali. I was really excited because the times were so close and I could do much better if I hadn't done those mistakes. However I got top 10 in IXS race which is great for a second race this season. Now I know I am on the right way to achieve my dream and I can't wait for the next IXS race:) I will be leaving for Chatel soon.

1. Miriam Ruchti (Švi, SC Intense) 3:34,69
2. Zarja Černilogar (Slo, Črn trn GT) +2,74
3. Simona Jirkova (Češ, +9,14
4. Elke Rabeder (Avt, RRP Revolution Racing) +10,06
5. Jana Bartova (Češ, Bikeplac) +11,87

8. Špela Horvat (Slo, ŠD LIFE) +13,94

Photo credit: Tomislav Lončar

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