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My First 8c!!! - Andrea Cartas

My First 8c!!! - Andrea Cartas
August 15, 2012 -  Andrea Cartas    

Finally, after two seasons and many tries, I've climbed the harder route I've ever done but maybe the most beatiful one, White Zombie, 8c.


Editors Note: This story has been translated to English using Google Translate. Original post can be found here.

Nor was rested, and the day was the best (it rained, it was hot and the humidity was embarrassing) and my mind was thinking in the chain ... only one more hit to my Rambla, to "train" because after three weeks of neglect I did not know if I could endure the first half of the track but .....................
In the first block

The first time a girl assured me, Itzi and my mother's visit to the cave (you know where to find me) sent me renewed energy and also the fact I left a few weeks-plated chains, feeling I had almost forgotten I drove up very, very quiet, without pressure or nerves (finally), focused only At each section, only energy saving for last, my cross, that step because I had thrown too many times, only four movements of the end .... .

After a month last year and almost another this, my motivation had dropped much, seeing as last year I was very close and this in three days and came to the same place ... damn mecherito! (Mecherito call a song half-strip phalanx you catch with your left index and middle only and the other two side ...)
The worst was dropped after struggling 30m plunge 50 ° -45 °, three hard sections and two knee resting upside down where the patience to lower heart rate and concentration were the key.

So much energy, so excited, so much concentration, effort, motivation, sacrifice .... He was not a number and a letter, it was not White Zombie, was able to control my mind and my body to do so, take control.
last year ...

Last rest, upside down, it's raining harder, do you wet up there? "No, no! It is very dry. You strip! "(That was Augustine without even having looked at the end). Well, I'm 50 beats, it hurts my sister, I will burst, change the other foot, shit, I'm fine, I go, No, no! Wait a little longer, he says, until legs blown off! I look at the ball, this release has sworn to me, but today is going to shit, I share it, WHAM! Perfect, I am whole, magnesium, fuck like skating around, come on, chorrerita, bounces, easy, very easy, I've never been too, the last chapo, come, a little magnesium strips ... this very dry, the little water in the cool face, nails feet, look at the child .... mecherito p .. and it's mine! Aguata foot up! "Andrea Temper, temper now" (just listen to Nacho, and temple), magnesium Mojo last ... three movements squeeze the strips as if my life depended, unexpected nerves to catch the last song, quiet, METAL, METAL! ! "Ahhhhhhhh" "Cry as if it had given birth to a baby and avenging dominated accompany it .... I can not BELIEVE, IS MINE! IS OVER! I drop tears as he hugged everyone there, mother! That this, Mamiii! What luck, the day cometh that chained! I can not believe it yet .... it's over.

PD.: Thank you for everything, without you I never would have succeeded. ^ ^


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