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Travelling around Europe - Lasse Moe

Travelling around Europe - Lasse Moe
Travelling around Europe - Lasse Moe
Travelling around Europe - Lasse Moe
August 13, 2012 -  Lasse Moe    

After initially getting ready for the 2012 season and crashing at practice before the Voss race in Norway drastic changes to my plan had to be made. So i decided to travel through the western part of Europe with a longboard and some friends


We started in Copenhagen and spent a week going south. Since Denmark and the Netherlands aren't spoiled with having any hills at all the Skating was non existing and i didn't spend any time on the board in these countries.

We traveled onwards through Spain and got on a train to Lisbon. When we got south around the Sagres area i finally discovered 2 really good hills descending down to beaches from a spine in the mountain.  All the surfing beaches in the area are really rocky and sort of coves so it made for good short skatespots (around 1.5 kilometers).

Riding alone and with a shoulder that dislocates very easily i definitely had to take precautions and could not go all in on the hill. Though having 10% it definitely  made for a good skatespot with an average speed of 60 – 70 kph. Also noteworthy the pavement is really smooth and when you put you're board into a slide it definitely lets go of all traction so you have to force the slide into the same direction as you're sliding to get the grip back up. Its the kinda hill that makes you relax and have fun feeling how it drops out of the flat turns. Really nice features that gives you a feel of the gravity.

I'm definitely going to return to this place since the people staying here told me there's a lot of longer and steeper roads inland – perfect for winter skating in Europe!

Have a look at the images near the hill and a raw run of the hill if you feel for it.

I'm soon going in for surgery and looking forward to be ready for racing next season!

- Lasse


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