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Frankenjura - Dood Days and Bad Days - Chris Muench

Frankenjura - Dood Days and Bad Days - Chris Muench
Frankenjura - Dood Days and Bad Days - Chris Muench
Frankenjura - Dood Days and Bad Days - Chris Muench
Frankenjura - Dood Days and Bad Days - Chris Muench
August 10, 2012 -  Muench    

 Last weekend (4th August - 5th August 2012), after all my exams at university where done, I started my holidays with a short trip to Frankenjura. But when we arrived it was just so hot that I couldn't climb very well and even had problems with my warm up routes...

So we checked out "Kalte Wand", that I hadn't known before and which is a good summer crag. Being quite tired from all the heat, at least I could try the moves of "Intercooler" (8c+) an do some really nice climbs round 7a/7a+. The next day was a bit better as we went to "Kalte Wand" straight away and all in all I was happy to have a new route I was motivated for when we drove back home in the evening.


Two days later, Martin and me where back allready. Furthermore, the temperature had dropped and I finally managed to climb "Intercooler" on my fourth try that day (with a little bit of rain in between).

One day later, I actually wanted to get back on "Pantera" (9a), but I was tired and that route is really quite hard for me. So I decided to try the moves of "Schnulleralarm" (8b) again, in which I had only done the moves ones after a long climbing day...But I was lucky enough to get everything right immediately and could climb that route as well.

After that, quite sore all ready, I tried to onsight "Magic Sound Wave" (8a+), but I fell and as Martin was done as well, we decided to chill out for the rest of the day, watching people climb at "Heldwand" from a beautiful visitors platform, eating pizza and reading.

On our last day, Martin tried hard to get up "Sodom" (8a+), his project for the last trips, but fell three times very close to the top.

I spend my time bouldering in "Burn for you" (8c), but my body was too tired two get everything done there. So I climbed a funny 7b+ jump to the right of that route and as my last action before a beautiful rest day, I managed to do "Magic Sound Wave".

On our way back to Munich, we had a lot of fun joking around how sore we both were and planning our next trips to all kinds of places where you can find a peace of rock for climbing.

Pictures of "Intercooler" are going to come soon.


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