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Summer, Victory at Veko, and Upcoming Comps! - Therese Johansen

Summer, Victory at Veko, and Upcoming Comps! - Therese Johansen
Summer, Victory at Veko, and Upcoming Comps! - Therese Johansen
Summer, Victory at Veko, and Upcoming Comps! - Therese Johansen
Summer, Victory at Veko, and Upcoming Comps! - Therese Johansen
Summer, Victory at Veko, and Upcoming Comps! - Therese Johansen
August 08, 2012 - 

My summer has not been exactly how I hoped it would be, it has been raining quite a lot in Norway! Really hope the fall will get better. But we´ve gotten some nice days, and I have some new projects and some I still haven't been able to try, but are psyked for this fall. We where supposed to have a 2-3 weeks road trip in summer, starting with the competition at ekstremsportsveko, the bouldering around Voss, in Aurland and then drive on to other places. Well, I got to compete, climb in Voss and in Aurland, and I had a great time with that.


Comp. at Voss
Before this comp I think I hadn't competed for about a year if I remember right. So eventhough it was a laid-back comp. I still got a little nervous. I always do. But as long as the nerves disappears when I start bouldering I think its a good thing for me. And this time it did. The format in the finals where a lot like the format at the finals in last years Adidas-comp, but a little different. We had 5 problems, and for each problem the one who had the worst result was out of the final. I where in great shape this comp. and wasn't so tired in the final as I had feared I would be (as I am not used to two sessions in one day, even if the sessions are short the break makes me tired).

I managed to do all the five problems in the final, as the only one, and the victory was mine:D The route setting was really good. The boulders where nice and physical and not to easy. I prefer it to be rather to hard than to easy (sometimes national competitions (and even nordic) turns out to be a flash-fiesta, and I can't stand that. Have to say that this has never happened as far as I know in Voss.) Unfortinutly we forgot to take pictures ourself from this comp. Here`s a link with a lot of pictures.
Ofter the comp. We had a couple of days in Andreas cottage near Voss, and got to try some boulders 5 minutes from Voss, before driving to Aurland. Aurland Was really nice. A lot, a lot of rock!!We would have to go back there for unfinished business and to search for more:D I got really psyked on Vossagrim (8A), and could do all moves except the top moves the first day (which was support to be easy, they said. Guess I have to practice more jumping), but in the end I couldn't link it by the two days I had on it. Next time!
Ps. some of the pictures are from near my hometown. The one with pink singlet is of Fossagrim.

Now the fall is getting closer and I am already dreaming about dry and crisp conditions. A could and dry August. I have two competitions coming up, and with a baad finger, I try my best to get in a decent competition shape. First up, is the Adidas-Rockstars competition next weekend, and in the beginning of sep. The battle in Lillehammer. I look forward to each of them, I like to compete, and each year I consider starting again.


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