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Summer Update - Alex Fritz

Summer Update - Alex Fritz
Summer Update - Alex Fritz
Summer Update - Alex Fritz
August 06, 2012 - 

Well this update is much needed. I find it hard to update this blog because I already run two different ones and writing the same thing three different times is repetitive! I write a lot more on my other blogs so if you want something more in depth, please check out them! :)

My summer has been relatively good. I've come to realize that being an adult and working full-time isn't exactly as exciting as I thought it would be, but I do really enjoy what I am doing. I work as a route setter and coach at my gym (Vertical World), where I've been apart of the community and team for years. In between working, I found a reasonable amount of time to train - not as much as I would have liked, but that's okay, I was happy to just be climbing - for my last year of competition. Back in March, I placed 2nd at my last ABS Youth National Championships, something that I was extremely proud of, but something that also made me extremely motivated to do again at my last SCS Youth Nationals. At Regionals back in May, I placed first in both Sport and Speed. At Divisionals in June, I placed 2nd in both Sport and Speed - just behind one of my best friends, and fellow Five Ten athlete Josh Levin. My final moment of youth climbing in the US came down to the National Championships in July, which is hard to believe it was only 3 weeks ago. After a good qualifying round, and my best ever semi-finals round (I placed first in semi's - something I had never done before), and another good final round - I placed 4th overall in sport, making the US Team. Because of my placement in semi's, I really thought I had a good shot of winning (a dream come true), yet I just didn't get as far on the finals route as I should of. I climbed incredibly smooth and felt amazing, but I just fell early...but that's that. 

Originally early in the season I decided that even if I had placed on the US Team that I would not continue to try and move on to the Youth World Championships in Singapore because of financial costs and my longing to climb outside - something I had not done in a long time because of constant training for competitions and work. But I soon realized that I have spent 12 years of my life training for these competitions, it WAS my last year - last opportunity, and I had to take it. So as I write this, I'm slowly counting down the days til August 24th, when I fly out to Singapore to compete in my last Youth World Championships. I am so very grateful for everyone who has ever put any ounce of effort into supporting me and my climbing over the last 12 years and anyone who has helped get me to where I am today. I cannot thank everyone nearly enough for what they have done for me, but I just hope to repay them by showing them at the YWC that all my effort and dedication to climbing over the last 12 years will come down to me climbing my best at this final event. This event is going to be extremely emotional for me and I can't wait for my trip. 

In other news, I ventured out to the Index River Boulders last night with my best friend Sam. It has been extremely hot up here in the PNW (hot for us ;)) and I knew that there was only one area where we could get away from the heat, away from society and just do what we love to do. We spent about two hours bouldering at the Chutzpah boulder, one of the most beautifully scenic climbing locations I think you can find in the PNW. This was the first time I had climbed outside since probably April so this was extremely gratifying for me. I repeated the V11 that I had climbed so many times and just enjoyed the beautiful PNW scenery. It amazes me how many times I can continue to come to this same location and still be amazed by the beauty. 

To close, I just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the support in making my youth climbing career such an amazing experience. Thank you to Five Ten for the continued support, year after year, and for making the best climbing shoes I have ever worn. Another thanks to Marmot for providing me the the clothes I need to live the the ever-wet Northwest and Asana for making my climbing so much safer! I love you guys.


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