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Crazy Questions - Sierra Carroll

Crazy Questions - Sierra Carroll
Crazy Questions - Sierra Carroll
July 31, 2012 - 

So it has been a while since I have written mainly because I was not able to do much more then sleep on the couch for the past week and a half as I had four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed and as a result had a very swollen face and some great bruises on my face. Though after a week of not being able to climb I have been back climbing and working in the gym having a great time helping the setters at the gym.


This past weekend I had anticipated going climbing outside somewhere after having only been able to climb in the gym the past few days I was ready to get outside and touch some real rock again. Sadly because of the weather forecast this did not seem possible and so instead I went with a friend out for a hike and to see if we could find any climbs in the rocks along the hike. Though we were not very successful I did discover something this weekend that I had forgotten about. That was a video from about a year ago (that is attached and should definitely be watched) that a friend of mine took of me climbing at Shelf Road about a year ago. Though it is not me climbing that got me very excited about discovering my friend still had this video but rather what is said in the background as I climb that I cant believe we have on video. In the background of the video my sister's husband, Josh, who has just recently graduated from the Air Force Academy as a second Lieutenant in the Air Force asks a question I never expected to hear. As I am climbing he asks whether or not the holes in the rock we are climbing on are "natural" or not. Now as ridiculous as this question seems especially to those of us who have been climbing outside for many years the other voices in the video try and not ridicule Josh too much for what they believe to be one of the most ridiculous and hilarious questions that we have ever heard. This in my mind is a question I will forever laugh at hearing from someone who had just graduated from one of the highest ranked Engineering programs in the country. All I can say is it was a good thing I was climbing or all for funs sake we might have spend the next few minutes convincing Josh that we came out daily to carve each pocket into the rock one by one for the hundreds if not thousands of climbs in the Shelf Road climbing area. All in all in my book this ranks as one of those crazy questions that I just can't believe we caught on video, it will at least give us all a laugh and even Josh was able to laugh at his question once we had gotten on more climbs that day and he saw how ridiculous it was to think that someone had made each and every one of the pockets or crimps in the rock.  

Well after having a great time laughing at this video again and spending the weekend hiking I am looking forward to next weekend and the trip to Rocky Mountain State Park that some of my friends and I have planned.


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