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Colorado Summer - Jon Cardwell

Colorado Summer - Jon Cardwell
Colorado Summer - Jon Cardwell
Colorado Summer - Jon Cardwell
July 28, 2012 - 

If you've been anywhere near Colorado this summer, two things come to mind. Forest Fires and HEAT. It's been hot, and presumably motivation has suffered, and while conditions play an important role in many a climber's psyche, we continue to climb because we have to. Its a mentality I learned in Spain by the likes of Dave (Graham) and Dani (Andrada). They never give up, and their true passion for climbing is always visible. Day by Day, we ventured out into the rain (in Spain) to climb. It was second nature, no one ever thought twice.

I had a good season in Rifle this April, which I was excited about, and then fires came, then the rain, and soon after the dreaded heat.  There's been record highs this summer on the Front Range and I was forced to retreat, until I couldn't take it anymore. The need to climb was always there and I started hiking up to Wild Basin, most of the time in the rain. I was exited to try a project which was found and cleaned by none other than Chad Greedy, Diego, Dave and crew. I've tried it three days now, not including the rained out days which were futile in climbing attempts but rich in experience. The boulder is still unfinished, and I know a simple waiting for the 'good conditions' would pay off but I'll continue to climb, a muerte. Here are a couple photos that D Scott Clark took on my more recent string of attempts with Diego.



Photo credit: D Scott Clark

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