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Aaand I'm Back! - Eric Lawrenuk

Aaand I'm Back! - Eric Lawrenuk
Aaand I'm Back! - Eric Lawrenuk
Aaand I'm Back! - Eric Lawrenuk
Aaand I'm Back! - Eric Lawrenuk
Aaand I'm Back! - Eric Lawrenuk
July 26, 2012 - 

So this is been the weirdest “Bike Season” of my life. I have been going through shoulder problems over the past 2 years and I finally decided to do something about it. About 5 months ago; I finally bit the bullet and got my shoulder surgery. I was tired of not being able to ride to my full potential and I want to come out swinging into the 2013 season.

Rehab is the most important thing to a major surgery like this, and I hit it hard! I started going to GastownPhysio and Pilates 2 weeks after surgery to help speed up my recovery process. It did. I went to see my surgeon 6 weeks after surgery and I had blown his mind. Physio was doing the trick and I was well on my way. After lots of stretching and Pilates, I finally graduated to being able to ride my roadbike. I was riding the demonstration forest and riding to work at the bike shop all the time; basically to stay sane.

Another very different thing that I have been doing this season is FILMING A FULL LENGTH MOVIE. That’s right, I will be producing a full length movie with my close group of friends who also happen to be some of the top athletes in the mountain bike industry. We plan to release it for free online at the end of the year. Filming has given me a way to stay creative and involved with the sport I love so much while I cannot partake in the contest season.

Living in British Columbia, you have to take part advantage of the amazing nature that we have around here. I have gotten back into fishing and its awesome. There’s something about standing out on a river or lake and being surrounded by nature that makes me insanely happy. I still haven’t caught anything but its still a bit early…

Now I can ride a bike again! It has been a long 5 months, and thanks to GastownPhysio, I am way ahead of my estimated recovery, and able to do shuttle laps and bikepark days! I still have to take it very easy, but nothing is better than being able to shred your bike in the middle of the woods!

On that note, I have to ride to work!
Keep an eye out for a teaser of our video!



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