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Change of plans, The last Three Months I Spent in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull

Change of plans, The last Three Months I Spent in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
Change of plans, The last Three Months I Spent in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
Change of plans, The last Three Months I Spent in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
July 25, 2012 - 

The first month the weather was good, not the best but enough to prove very hard boulders, which had recently been opened most by David Graham and Chad Greedy. Also to find new and open more boulders.

Not to vary the days go by very fast and the weather get worm, but I could make some new boulders and other second ascent in Wail Basin, RMNP including Macho Man V10, Free bason V11,  garfield v7 and others of the boulders that are in that area.

After David Graham went to Australia, Chad Greedy and I still going to prove the boulders in Wail Basin and trying to open more hard stove, the weather in this month began to be warmer, which became very difficult to try many of the hard projects.


But yet and still going to the heat  in Wail Basin. At that time the Vail World Cup, in which participate, the result was not good, but a great experience because now I improve skills and focus a little more, participating in others.

After the competition I focus on a boulder he found David G, and Chad G showed me, a boulder that's big, with have  8 lines and a very good project, which has me very motivated. Is an approximate 19-step linie mind, the steps are hard, it took me a while to remove the beta right. But now every time is more serca and regardless of the heat I'm still going to try this line can be a V14 ore ?.

Naw I have only to think like Pakiado!!, the boxidor! haha that boulder to sit down and do it, sweat, and be happy to stick it. and has lately seen so much forest that is to motivate me. haha!!

Now I have to focus again on the plastic a little more because in September, France, Paris, world champion chip. So training a lot to get me out the spine of the Vail competition, improve clear.

 Also I will continue going to the boulder project and some more, besides go 4 days a week to train for 5 hours climbing GYM. Some days I went to try some bouldering in Wolverin land, which also I have to go do before going to France, very close to making some boulders in 1 day.

As always there was a change of plans, in the end I'm in Colorado and not South Africa this year. bot  in a few months I'm in Europe, first France but then? hmmmm back to USA or ... the only i really now is i  am motivated to competition in France and do the project in Wail Basin.

highly motivated and death with the projects and training. also look for some new boulders.

Animo and super Aztec warrior this time.


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