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A Balance - Sasha DiGiulian

A Balance - Sasha DiGiulian
A Balance - Sasha DiGiulian
July 23, 2012 - 

After competing in two consecutive Sport Climbing World Cups-the first ones of the 2012 season - first in Chamonix, then in Briancon, France, I am now settling back into rock climbing in Ceuse, France. I was really satisfied with making finals in both of the World Cups. In the World Cup circuit, the top competitors’ results are often unpredictable because the level is very close, so I was happy to be consistently in the top 6. One minor mistake can make a huge difference in places – the gap between being on the podium and being off of it, or being in finals or not, can be a simple movement upwards or control of one more hold, so in order to do really well, you need to climb as perfectly as you can.

While I feel personally that my performance could have been better, especially in Chamonix, I know that sometimes competitions will go my way, and sometimes they will not. This past year I have not climbed indoors much at all – which I feel really fortunate for ( :) ). Transitioning back to plastic after climbing outside can feel hard because I am not used to the artificial holds and setting – but I really like to maintain a balance of both – climbing outside and competing. Climbing outside is the aspect of the sport that I am most inspired by and enjoy the most; however, I also love the energy of competitions and seeing my friends from around the world as well! In both, outside and in competition, you need to push yourself to your maximum in order to excel. Competitions can be very mental and I think that I need to believe in myself and trust my ability to perform better. Many climbers choose to focus on either outside or competitions at certain times, but I prefer to try and balance both simultaneously because I prefer climbing outside than training in a gym. At least for now, while I am not in school (until August 27..!), I have this ability to climb outside a lot, so I will live it out to its fullest!

So, here I am – Ceuse – one of the most historically famous sport climbing areas in the world. I am so excited to climb the aesthetic, long limestone climbs here. There is also a steep hour-long hike to the cliff, so being here is good fitness training for me as well!

I will be in Ceuse for almost two weeks, and then I will travel to Studtgardt, Germany, for the Adidas RockStars Event. This is an invitational international bouldering competition that should be a great event. I trust that Adidas will arrange an amazing show and I cannot wait to be a part of it!


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