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Privater Life - Jonathan Widen

Privater Life - Jonathan Widen
Privater Life - Jonathan Widen
Privater Life - Jonathan Widen
July 14, 2012 - 

The life of a professional mountain bike racer isn't always what people think it is. My summer so far is a great example of the true lifestyle of a privater professional racer trying to make it happen for themselves. This summer I decided to get away from certain sponsorships and keep other ones and get back to the grassroots level of riding, doing it for you and only you. 5.10 and TLD thanks for all the great support. That was my quick shout-out.


As for having an open schedule for the summer I've been working my butt off in the gym training and in my daily work to fund the riding addiction. But with a lot of free time you have the time to get to ride and shuttle with your buddies you never get to see when you travel all the time. The friend rides this summer have been outstanding. As well as time to camp, fish, and get back to life outside of racing. its been a great summer so far and now its time to go race again for the late summer and fall.

For the next race trip of the summer will include Panorama resort, BC for the final Canadian national round then off to Stevens pass, WA for the finals of the MTB Grand Prix, and back to BC for 20 + days of crankworxs and just good old fun riding in the meca....Whistler. I will keep you guys posted on the travels ahead and how it all turns out for a privater pro. Here we go!

Photo credit: Jonathan Widen

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