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Progression and Competition - Nick Bradley

Progression and Competition - Nick Bradley
Progression and Competition - Nick Bradley
July 11, 2012 - 

Recently I've been training and training for the SCS 2012 Youth National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia at Stone Summit. I've learned a lot about myself, and gained much more confidence (which is key to competitions, and routes at the limit of my capabilities). I did my normal routines: Laps on 13's, circuits, bouldering intervals, endurance, endurance, and more endurance. I felt great, the best I ever had been, and right before the competition too.

The competition itself didn't go as well I would have liked, but I'm not complaining; I've been getting both exponentially mentally and physically better this year, and i expect to take myself to the limits. At the comp, i flashed both qualifiers that were about 11b and 12b, feeling great and psyched for the rest of the comp. In semi finals, we had 8 minutes to climb. This wasn't good for me, because I climb slowly, taking my time to rest and be sure about the next sequences. I get past the roof section, and pull on the the balance-intensive slab section. I wasn't pumped, but i rested on a good sloper to map out the next section before i go, just to be sure. I get through the next 2 clips, with 1 left to go, and I hear my coach yell "10 SECONDS!!" I race towards the finish hold, and time out clipping the last draw.  I shake it off, sitting in 3rd place by 0.01 points. Finals comes, and we have a slab (I prefer pumpy routes, not so much technical slabs, but I was okay with it). I get to the top, a bit pumped, but not much. I see the 2nd to last clip right above me, and decided not to clip it, and go to the next hold to clip. I go big, and i bit too big, missing the good part of the hold, and falling. The last two people after me go, and do the same exact thing. Being tied, the score went back to semi's, where I was behind by 0.01 because of the clip, therefore I ended in third place.

I was sad that I just made a simple mistake, and could have won, but then i looked past it, and realized how much stronger I became, and that now I can just focus on getting better, and crushing outdoors (once I can actually go somewhere). My new goals are to be solidly sending 14's, boulder v11-v12, and keep positive attitudes 24/7, which I have learned helps more than I have thought.

Paul Robinson told me, "Some days you're not going to come out on in first place, some days you're going to get really close to first, and some days you're not going to get even remotely close to first, but you gotta be proud to be there. Having something so close, and something so almost there, is just so frustrating. It's almost butter to not even be close."


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