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A Gem in the World; Iceland - Sasha DiGiulian

A Gem in the World; Iceland - Sasha DiGiulian
July 08, 2012 - 

While sitting at my “usual” café at the Frankfurt airport, having a sandwich and a cappuccino, I realized that it is a sign that I have been traveling frequently when I start having routines at international airports and a per-usual circuit of shops to look in and restaurants to eat at. Hmmm… =]


Well, anyways – I have just left Iceland where I spent 4 wonderful days working with Nordic Youth Climbers from Iceland, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. The sheer passion for climbing that shined so luminously in the eyes of these kids (12-18 years old) was inspiring. I had so much fun getting to know them and trying to help them see their climbing at the next level. Working with people who are so determined to progress really motivates me to look at my own climbing career and to yearn for my personal progression as well. It has long been my opinion that we can all collaborate and learn from each other to achieve personal feats, and the climbers I worked with in Iceland really proved this theory to be true for me. While maybe their level currently isn’t that of “world leaders,” I definitely learned from them and found their psyche contagious. =]

I also have no doubt that if they maintain the same passion for climbing that was so evident this week; they will achieve greatness in their own climbing careers.

While in Iceland, I had a really nice time getting to know the other Icelandic climbers - leaders and instructors of the camp – as well, and I cannot wait to return to Iceland to climb with them again =]

Hnappavellir (the location that we were climbing) holds great potential for further establishment and I was genuinely impressed by the quality of the rock – granite and a volcanic conglomerate.

The landscape was also breathtaking.

While there I completed the first female ascent of “Fatherland,” also – a powerful sport climb that is the 2nd hardest established route in Iceland. I did not try “Opus,” the hardest established route, this trip, but certainly when I return I look forward to going for it!

Below is a video teaser, also, that my friend Garpur has put together of some of the climbing where we were. Stay tuned for more!

Now I am in transit to Innsbruck, where I will climb for a few days and try to reacquaint myself with plastic as best as I can before traveling to Chamonix, France for a World Cup!


=] S


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