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Life on the Road - Jeff Provenzano

Life on the Road - Jeff Provenzano
Life on the Road - Jeff Provenzano
Life on the Road - Jeff Provenzano
July 05, 2012 - 

I returned to the US from Switzerland and hopped right into the Red Bull demo tour. 1st stop Washington DC at the Andrews Air Base Airshow.

I perform at a number of Airshows around the world each year with my team, The Red Bull Air Force.  We have opportunities to fly alongside other acts such as the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and F-22 Raptor demo team, just to name a few. Our performance is quite different from the rest at the airshow. We combine Air Race pilot, Kirby Chamblis, with our wing suit formations. Kirby flies loops around us in his Edge 540 aerobatic airplane while we are in free fall tracking across the sky, simultaneously pumping out smoke to make a greater visual impact.  Chuck Aaron, Red Bull’s Aerobatic helicopter pilot, is also part of the show. He performs various inverted maneuvers in a BO105 helicopter. The combination of the aerobatic plane, an upside down helicopter, Wing suits, and high performance canopies deliver a blockbuster aerial experience you won’t forget at an airshow.

Whenever I travel I make it a point to check out the town and be a bit of a tourist. Early morning runs are one way I enjoy exploring the places I visit. DC and Alexandria is a perfect runners city with tons of historical sites to check out and beautiful neighborhoods. The local nightlife is also something you don’t want to pass up and whenever you can try to hit up a sporting event. This weekend the entire team and I attended a Nationals MLB game. One of my particular favorites was hitting up the Bull Pen just before the game, where we listened to live bands, had a few drinks and hit up some yummy street food. When you travel like this time flies, and before I knew it I was back at the DC airport boarding the next plane and onto the next mission.

From D.C. I flew directly to LA to shoot a car commercial. I can’t really say much since I am under contract, but what I can say is that we filmed near Death Valley CA and I jumped from helicopters and flew around cars in free fall. As soon as the commercial is aired I will be sure to post the link.

Long periods of time travelling are great to break up with an occasional pit stop at home.  Two days in Arizona gives me enough time to check the mail make sure my life is not falling apart and repack some new gear for the next stop, Virginia Beach, VA .


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