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La Falsia, a Morning of Fanaticism - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

La Falsia, a Morning of Fanaticism - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
La Falsia, a Morning of Fanaticism - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
La Falsia, a Morning of Fanaticism - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
July 04, 2012 - 

Along with Pol decided to make a morning out and we had very clear where to go, that if a project here that if the other there, it's hot it falls a lot, excuses and more excuses go, that if it had to be in the shade, Pol told me to go to industry in Moia falsehood of this mini industry keep good memories, when there were only two routes open, make about 15 or 16 years (how time flies) Pau equipped by a colleague who we trained together in Nou Barris and another equipped by Victor Fernandez, then went looking for shade in the afternoon, these two pathways were Los Finos y Los reyes del Achilipunk, the first was lucky to make the second or third ascent (which cost me mine) and the other I have a memory rather inhumane shooting, the place reminded me of the English zone of Raven Tor, we stopped going there and remembered many possibilities, and Marc Giol Pol I explained that there were 16 channels in total, so what better way to remember old times.

Upon arrival it was clear that everything had changed enough, many more ways, that vine that covered the first part of the wall collapsed before the sector was gone and gave way to a few streets and roads in the crash across your wall, even my perception of how things were, the long remembered and today I have seen shorter, smallpox old age come to love more meters, yes, I knew that we were going to fry heat, we have directly heated Atxantat Marc and I had recommended and what was right, a good way, Pol the eye and makes me the second try, worth not having more meters, this type of crash is enough for me, but would be excessive.

How to go climbing with Pol is a non-stop, dedicated to the test Variant its Show Time and not seeing much color as he gets down with l'Alquimista, of which has left all the steps worked out, having a small step between the third and the second plate that I found very very nice, full boulder movement, with skins broken and the sun that awaits us, we finish our morning very short but intense, a matter of going one afternoon, and here I can go with my girls, since the start of the route is very comfortable. and 30 minutes from home.
So falls Atxantat
My recommendation to the tracks I've done there are Los Finos y Atxantat, to the right is a road called Ments Tancades having a pint spectacular.


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