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10,000 Miles For My First Time - Nina Williams

10,000 Miles For My First Time - Nina Williams
July 03, 2012 - 

South Africa; a land of established beauty and miles of untapped potential. I’ve seen pictures, I’ve watched videos, and I’ve heard first-hand accounts of the bouldering that I’ll be exploring for the whole month of July. But everything I’ve heard will be nothing compared to the experience. It’s something I can’t even imagine right now! The farthest I’ve lived from my birthplace in New England is right here in Colorado; I’ve never been outside our country’s borders. I’ve spent the past few months preparing myself physically with my trainer Kris Peters and I feel stronger than I have in a while. Now I am scrambling to prepare myself mentally.


It has been within this last week that my excitement really started catching up to me. I couldn’t quite believe that I would be flying half-way around the globe and staying there for a whole month; I still find it hard to grasp. I have nothing to compare this upcoming experience to, so therefore I’ve had no expectations. When people would ask, “Aren’t you SO excited to be going to South Africa,” I would say yes because, well, what else can you say? But I didn’t start feeling it in my gut and in my heart until just recently. I’m actually going, this is really happening, I am going to South Africa!! A different continent! I am going bouldering in a place that is, straight-up, called the ROCKLANDS!! The land of rocks, there couldn’t possibly be a better place for a climber.

At this moment in time my biggest question is; what…to…pack. I’ve never packed for more than a couple weeks, never mind four. Well, might as well throw my whole closest in my suitcase! Weight limits be damned! See ya (literally) on the flip side!


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