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Colorado Fires - Sierra Carroll

Colorado Fires - Sierra Carroll
Colorado Fires - Sierra Carroll
Colorado Fires - Sierra Carroll
July 01, 2012 - 

It has been a very interesting past few weeks. Following my last blog post I have had some great climbing days and some not so great days with weather and adventures just as crazy. This past two weeks there have been two times that my plans to go outside climbing have been foiled by fires in Colorado. The past week the majority of the people around where I have been living have been packing their belongings and preparing to evacuate as needed. With the sporadic changes that the fire right outside our city made this week there were thousands of people unsure of whether or not they would have a home to come back to at the end of the week. Not only was that in the back of my mind but both the fire in 11 mile canyon and the fire right outside of Boulder changed my plans the past two weekends as to where I would be going climbing.

The past few weeks I have been training in the gym consistently and loving life aside from the fires that is. Along with training in the gym I have been getting back into spending every weekend outside climbing in at least one climbing area if not spending one day down south climbing and the next day up north. I have found some great new projects at Shelf Road, Clear Creek, and Newlin. Along with having a rather disappointing day in Castle Wood Canyon, after choosing to stay close to home and take some new climbers outside instead of going down to Shelf as the weather did not look promising.

We ended up encountering a storm anyways along with finding three different rattle snakes and a broken down bridge that left us bush-wacking through the brush to reach the routes just to have to finish the day early as a result of rather worrisome storm clouds. Though this has been the only unsuccessful day of climbing in the past few weeks. With every other day leaving me with a new project to climb or a new area discovered. Though there is a lot of uncertainty for most Colorado climbers now with so many areas having been hit by or in close proximity to the many different fires across the state there are still plenty of areas that I will be spending my weekends in over the next few months of summer. As I have projects to finish in many different locations and trips plans to hopefully Rifle and Ten Sleep before the summer is over, along with many more weekend and day trips to Rocky Mountain State Park, Shelf Road, and many other great locations nearby. I can't wait for this next weekend when I will hopefully have the chance to plan a weekend or day trip somewhere that will not be affected by the fires. 


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