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Summertime! - Therese Johansen

Summertime! - Therese Johansen
June 28, 2012 - 

The summer is on here in Norway, and it is either warm or wet usually. But climbing works well in the shadow, and i shore prefer it to be to warm than wet. this past time I have been bouldering outside, and participated in my first deep water soloing contest. And my first DWS climbing ever.A wall where put up in Bergen over the sea, and I was nervous but also excited to try this for my first time. My psyke on rope climbing is not the best, I get scared, and I would think I would get even more scared without a rope over bouldering hights. But actually I found it a little bit less scarier then rope-climbing, as I didn't have to think about where the next or the last bolt where. I just had to think about the climbing. Don't get me wrong, I think it was scary, but yeah, it helped not to think about the bolts. It was fun! Unfortinally I missed a hold in the final, and fell. Before I was too pumped. Too bad, but fun to try, and a nice comp. with a lot of friends participating.

I have also had some very nice days outside, focusing on not projecting in these conditions. We had one day of small mosquitos attacks, it was extreme, and they where all over us. Happily the steep boulder we where at that day was so cool that when climbing we could (almost) ignore them. But other than that day bugs have behaved nicely:)

This weekend I will participate in a bouldering comp. at ekstremsportsveko at Voss. I think it will be my first bouldering comp. this year, if I´m not forgetting something. I look forward to it, the route setters are good, and it is always fun there! Afterwards we will be bouldering in Norway around Voss, and some other places in Norway. Hope to find something new to brush aswell:)

Adios for now

Photo credit: Stian Engelsvoll

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