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Southern Sandstone - Joseph Gifford

Southern Sandstone - Joseph Gifford
Southern Sandstone - Joseph Gifford
Southern Sandstone - Joseph Gifford
Southern Sandstone - Joseph Gifford
Southern Sandstone - Joseph Gifford
June 22, 2012 - 

After Divisionals me and Nick Milburn drove 800 miles from Dallas to Tennessee where we climbed for a week before the Natoinals training camp. I had never been to Tennessee or climbed in any of the neighboring states and being from Texas it was pretty awesome not having to drive 10 hours to find some really good climbing. First we planned to go bouldering at Stone Fort but it rained so we went to the TAB bouldering gym in Chattanooga and did some climbing with Jimmy Webb which was allot of fun. 


The next day we went to Foster Falls and got on some 12ds and 13cs in a cave called the Left Bunker and sent most of the climbs but we came back to work on the 13d (Fire in the Hole) which is a 20ft climb with a v10ish bouldery crux in the middle. We also took two trips to the Concave in Alabama. The first day it rained hard with lighting here and there but its a pretty steep cave so most of the climbs were dry except for the top so I got on a 13b called Word Up  with some sketchy lighting striking all around me, and once I pulled the lip at the top i was instantly soaked by the pouring rain so I bared down squeezed hard on the wet top holds, clipped the anchors, and lowered fast in case a bolt of lighting decided to strike me. The second day at concave I flashed a 13a called Silverback and worked a 14a called Southern Comfort and almost sent but fell throwing for one of the last holds on the last crux. My week long trip was awesome and I know i'll be back soon to send SoCo.


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