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International Comeback and Updates - Tina Johnsen Hafsaas

International Comeback and Updates - Tina Johnsen Hafsaas
International Comeback and Updates - Tina Johnsen Hafsaas
June 21, 2012 - 

My competition season started six weeks ago in Edinburgh, Scotland. The first competition of the European Youth Cup-circuit started there, and that was also my international comeback after my injury last fall. After that I’ve been to Russia, Switzerland, France and in the northern Norway where the sun never hides. The last six weeks has been filled with training, travelling, competitions and school. But school is finally finished, and now I can focus on the things I love the most; training and competitions.


During the last six weeks I’ve participated in three lead EYC-competitions, one in boulder and the adult national championship in bouldering. I won my first EYC-competition in Russia, and in Edinburgh and France I finished 2nd and 3rd in the Junior category. I won the adult national championship in bouldering, which was my sixth of seventh national champion-title.  Though, this was my first victory in the bouldering championship.

I have no words on how good it feels to be back and competing, travelling and doing the things I love. My good results are just a bonus, the experience and the feeling I get while climbing is what makes all the time, energy and money I spend on it, worth it. I have never doubted competing, and as long as I’m motivated, I will continue to compete and chase my perfect performance.

Yesterday I sent in a new shoe order with one pair of Team and one pair of Dragon. I now climb with the Team, and they are PERFECT. Even better than the Dragons, if that’s possible!?

Next Friday I will go to Linz, Austria to compete in the next EYC-competition, and after that I will be one week in Innsbruck training together with fellow national team and five ten member Magnus Midtbø. After that we will be some days in Switzerland before we go to the first world cup in Chamonix. My summerplans aren’t completely organized, but I hope I will be able to participate in the World Cup in Briancon and to get some days on the French rock as well.

Since I’m still a youth climber, I prioritize the youth comps, but competing in the world cup gives me a lot of motivation and experience. So I’m really looking forward to my new adventures in central Europe. Check out my website ( or Twitter account (!/tinaajh) for updates and pictures on my journey. At the moment it is written in Norwegian, but I will try to change that ;) So stay tuned!


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