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BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner

BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner
BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner
BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner
BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner
BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner
BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner
BMX Olympic Trials + Hall of fame - Jill Kintner
June 18, 2012 - 


Well a lot of running around this week, but some things are really important and can not be missed. Olympic trials and a Hall of Fame award don’t just happen every day. I was really happy to be there to support my friends with their dreams, witness history being made, and be recognized for our effort in Beijing. So thank you to USA BMX and the US Olympic training center:)

Olympic trials day felt like an emotional rollarcoaster , wow. 8 of the best guys in the country trying to make one final spot on the 2012 team. First off, the new replica track setting is beautiful with the lake in the background, and purple trees and grass lining the building down to the dining hall, running track down below. Much better location for viewing. Individual rider tents with their names, etc. Things have evolved quite a bit. The track was crazy, looked steeper and more technical than any other track I have seen, 3rd straight caused some grief, but was a good separator.

They ran a different format this time. The Time trials was a best of 2 format, with points being given. Then the first two rounds, more points, 2 people got dropped, then two more rounds, and two more people being eliminated. Final was 4 guys, head to head. Winner take all.

With Connor already having the coaches pick if he didn’t win, there was not much on the line for him, but the other guys had to win to get a spot. Corbin Sharrah was looking fantastic, as was mikey, the other too. But from the first lap, connor had a second lead on Corbin, 2 seconds on mikey, adn a bunch on the other guys. That is impressive in 37 seconds to pull that time. Anyway, connor won the first rond, Corbin won the next couple?? Mikey was 3rd in every one I think.

For the final, it was Connor , Corbin, Mikey, adn Barry Nobles. Think Corbin hit the gate, Connor got out front early. Mike was right in the mix, bar to bar, but eventually was 2nd in the end to Connor, Corbin 3rd, Barry 4th.

Connor got the olympic trials spot, which meant the 3rd spot on the roster went to a different coaches pick, which is a really hard decision. Based on the day for trials, it could have been either Mikey or Corbin based on Awesome performances, but they went off the points from a year of racing. Nick Long was next on that list. Consistency. So congrats to them, and David Herman who got the Automatic spot on points.

Such a big wave of emotions for each person who trained for so long, and put so much energy into one day, to be done before the big show. USA has one of the strongest teams for depth. It’s gonna be good.

Crazy part was at the Hall of Fame dinner that night. The 2008 team was getting an award, we were all up on stage. Then they announced the coaches pick while Donny, Mikey, Kyle, adn I were standing there, as Nick, and I could feel the energy from the Boys next to me shift and really set in. Holding onto hope, but then realizing the finality . Guess someone has to be a back up guy, but yeah, wave of emotions. I felt a little bit of the pit, but yeah, ultimatly the people who were meant to go, are. Arielle and I experienced this last time really severe.

So Yeah, proud of the girls, Alise and Arielle, adn all the boys. Quite a life changing event about to unfold. Go get the gold!!!!!


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