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Two Weeks on the Road - Tahnée Seagrave

Two Weeks on the Road - Tahnée Seagrave
Two Weeks on the Road - Tahnée Seagrave
June 13, 2012 - 

What to say… Life on the road has been awesome. 2 weeks of traveling and racing, what more could i ask for?

So, Val di Sole was my first world cup ever. And to be honest, i did feel a lot of pressure, scared that peoples other expectations were to high. I tried to block that out and then i started to ride the track, and felt real comfortable! The course had everything i like in it… I was taking it easy all weekend and not pushing myself as i didn't want anything major to happen. Unfortunately in my qualifying run i had a bit of a moment and after being 5th fastest at the first split i crashed in the second split over a natural road gap and I'm not to sure how it happened. Once i was down i knew i wasn't getting back up, and the medics reckoned i had cracked a rib. Later on i got told that i got simply thrown over the bars, and the my handle bars had gone into my stomach. Not a great feeling! I had an argument for at least 10 minutes asking the medics NOT to cut my national jersey as i needed it to race the next round!
I was so gutted about crashing, and i think i would of done really well… but i took all the positives away and i was ready for Fort William.


In between the races we drove back home in Morzine and i went to get checked out at the hospital to see if i had no internal bleeding. Just hematomas so nothing too serious but i was still real sore.

The drive to Fort William was horrendous. A 3am ferry is not cool. But we stopped off at family and picked mum and me elder brother up on the way. So the whole family was coming to fort bill! I was so excited!

From the start and even before getting there i knew that Fort William would be a struggle for me, even though the track was awesome and i had a load of fun on it, it was the complete opposite of what i like to race on. But i thought as long as i was having fun that's all that mattered.
A lot of family came to watch me, and i thank everyone who cheered me on. The crowd was that awesome i screamed back at them whilst qualifying.
I didn't put too much effort in to be honest, i thought i better be safe than sorry. Getting to the last motorway section i still had loads of energy but still did not manage to clear those jumps! No matter how hard i pedaled i never seemed to get over them completely.

When i got down i was in a dangerous 19th, with still riders to go. Apparently at the top i was 7 seconds off of qualifying! Lucky i had that energy at the bottom to catch up some time. I got pushed into 20th but luckily kept it at that.

I wasn't disappointed in myself at all, after val di sole my main goal was to qualify and i achieved it. Especially as it was a long track and i was still finding it hard with my niggling injuries.

Weather was great all week, but the rain decided to come over on Sunday, which didn't bother me at all. It actually helped me out on the top section, as it swept all the dust off and wasn't as slippery. But boy where those roots!

 I hadn't crashed all week end which is a bit unusual for me but i blocked that thought out going up for my race run. I was first women down, and the only junior to have qualified. So all i needed to do is get down in one piece and that leaders jersey would me mine! And that's exactly what i did. I had so much fun on my race run it was unreal. When i think about it there were a few places up the top where i lost a lot of time, staling in corners… and it showed it on the splits quite clearly! haha. But i made up time in the middle section where the woods are, what i like best. I finished in a 14th, which isn't great, but when i think about, with the crash in Val di Sole it it isn't that bad either - although I will be returning next year to do wayyyy better!!!.

I can't thank the crowd enough, that is the main thing that makes you keep going and dig deep when you think you have nothing left. Coming under the arch at the end was mind blowing. I wish i could of paused it there for a while. Everyone went mental, so thank you again.

I am happy to announce that i am leading the juniors, and that whom ever takes the jersey from me, I'll be fighting to take it back!

I will not be at the US & Canada due to exams, but will definitely be at the European ones after that.

Thanks you to everyone that helped me that week end and made me feel at home!


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