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Nine Weeks After Spleen Injury - Spela Horvat

Nine Weeks After Spleen Injury - Spela Horvat
Nine Weeks After Spleen Injury - Spela Horvat
June 12, 2012 -  Spela Horvat    

Today is the 9 week since I have injured my spleen. I have gone through some really hard times when I was recovering from injury. The hardest thing was that I have felt perfectly normal but inside I knew I had a damaged organ. I was off for about six weeks and then I started training slowly. I was doing a lot of yoga everyday, which helped me to stay fit. I have lost some weight of course, which was not very welcome for a small downhill rider like myself. I soon started riding my XC bike again and doing fitness. 2 weeks ago doctors closed my case as I was fully healed with no internal scars or anything. I could not wait to sit on my downhill bike again and go riding.


My first official training day took place at our local small bike park MTB Celesnk. I call this bike park canadian style, because it has some really big wall rides and big jumps, similar to the ones in Whistler. Last year I won a race on that track and I admire those guys who build tracks on that mountain.

My second training  was on my winter track. The mountain is called Nanos and it's a great place to do some really good winter training as the track offers everything from step rocky sections to pure high speed lines and there is almost never any snow or freezing temperatures in the winter time.

My third trainig took place on Planina mountain. In Slovenia we have had some really bad weather for the past two weeks. Normaly in June temperatures are around 25C and the weather is nice and sunny but this year we have experienced some really heavy rain and a lot of fog, so I have kept running spike tyres.

Last weekend I went to Maribor with some of our top riders. Of course it was raining the previous day and a whole week before, so the tracks were preety muddy and slipery. We rode just about every track. I even did some runs on the world cup track where I won a national series last year. I really like our world cup track and it's a shame we don't have a world cup race anymore. I have a dream to become a successful world cup rider and with hard work I know I will get there some day. I have to thank all the people that support me: mom, dad and my close friends and family and my sponsors.  I will give up everything just to achieve my dream and work and train as hard as I can.


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