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Vail Mountain Games - Delaney Miller

Vail Mountain Games - Delaney Miller
Vail Mountain Games - Delaney Miller
June 12, 2012 -  Delaney Miller    

 A couple of weekends ago I attended the Mountain Games in Vail Colorado. It was so much fun and such an amazing experience. I competed in the bouldering world cup and placed 30th. While I personally did not do as well as I wanted, I still loved the comp and look forward to it next year.



The comp started early Friday morning, but unfortunately since this was my first year competing at The Mountain Games and thus had no ranking, I was to go out 38th out of 42. I sat in iso for about 3 hours before even considering warming up. It was fun talking to other, more experienced climbers and learning about their own Mountain Games experiences. When it was time for me to climb, a bus shuttled me and one other climber to the wall to wait. There were five problems and we had five minutes to climb. The first problem was on slab and was very technical. Unfortunately, I didn't initially read the problem correctly, so I fell my first attempt. As soon as I fell, I realized my mistake and sent the problem second go. The next problem had a difficult start, and it took me multiple tries to figure out how to even get off the ground. This was frustrating and embarrassing, but I did finally figure it out- with about 30 seconds left. I then easily stuck the bonus hold, but my rushed climbing caused me to slip off and so no send on the second problem. The third problem was very difficult for me because it involved a large dino, and I've never been particularly powerful. I never did stick the bonus hold on this problem. The fourth one was definitely my style, but unfortunately I was only able to achieve the bonus hold on this one as well. The fifth one was on slab again and I reached neither the top nor the bonus hold. In general, I feel that I gave it my all, but I'm just not at that level yet for bouldering. Next year, I believe I will be. After being eliminated from the comp, my friend and I went on a mud run to occupy us. That was so much fun!

Photo credit: Rock V5 Role

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