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Malniu, New Spot, New Openings - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

Malniu, New Spot, New Openings - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Malniu, New Spot, New Openings - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Malniu, New Spot, New Openings - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
Malniu, New Spot, New Openings - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
June 11, 2012 - 

Malniu is paradise for the boulder, I personally like much more than Targasonne, the type of climbing I like more, the possibility of new openings is immense and every week we discover new areas, new stones, new projects are, no week leave anything pending for the next visit, I look forward to come spring / summer to start making regular trips, is a luxury to be living right now in this wonderful place, I again crushed to make openings bear and friends rope, crash pads, camera, etc., to enjoy this place years ago I fell in love and sharing it with my friends.


We get back together as always, and Ramon and Sara show us the latest jewelry that have been opened during the week, very nice blocks, ideal for warm, curious movement, balance and twisting mounted, Laia can climb over it than previously imagined and that makes this a cockatoo happier. Sarah and Jennifer are solving several problems to the skin left on the last problem that has left them totally toward noon forces (good rothpunkt girls)

I also took the project to leave me two weeks ago in the inkwell Valkyrie a large block of about 5/6 feet over in the end, after spending much of the day repeating the blocks that teach our friends and open new lines, we decided to spend part of the afternoon in Valkyrie and the entire block around it, we hung with Joan and we just cleaned it two weeks ago we were leaving outstanding, and we see that the problem is in the top, before departure.
After playing it ready to try it, and it was clear that at first attempt today chained him and has been, most of the block photos of Sara and Leti have hope in a few days to have them, have no waste. After a long session for heads-Oscar have been testing, and Joan Ramon, failing in the last movement.
Oscar, while Ramon and Joan had been cleaning a number of problems around the big stone, there has come the launch (eliminant) Dyno Crisis (Sit) I've done the first to view, and then the rest of the boys, we left Cockatoos open dyno (sit) also solved a problem that the first ascent and is a gem, all the difficulty is in step depending shoulder height is a hit or a big block with some pizzazz, Ramon and Sara fired and we look forward to spending even skin.

To the left of dyno Cockatoos (sit) opened l'waited Cacatua (sit), from which point of linking to one of the last attempts, I have been party a foot (coprolit) flush with the wall with the subsequent fall and scratch on the arm as if I had a fight with a cat, Oscar and Joan have ended the day by opening two more simple lines on the left that the two have been resolved.


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