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Something from Everyone - Sasha DiGiulian

Something from Everyone - Sasha DiGiulian
Something from Everyone - Sasha DiGiulian
June 10, 2012 - 

This weekend I went up to NYC to coach a PCI Clinic at Brooklyn Boulders with pro-climbers Paul Robinson and Daniel Woods. Professional Climbers International (PCI) is an organization that I work with that organizes and markets clinics nationwide, providing climbers of any level the opportunity to worth together with and to learn from professional climbers towards bettering their technique, strength, approach, and overall mentality in climbing. This was the second PCI Clinic that I coached (second to Seattle in February). I really enjoyed working with Paul and Daniel. Everyone has room to improve and we can all learn from each other to help better our abilities in the sport. Paul and Daniel are well-established climbers themselves, but also great friends and fun to hang with. While I was coaching with them, I can definitely learn from their expertise!


The more clinics I teach, the more I learn and improve my ability to express what it is that I am trying to make a point of. Certainly at this point my career is better as a climber than as a coach, but I enjoy coaching because my ultimate goal in climbing is to inspire and share my passion for climbing with others. Whether it is climbing that impassions you, or something completely different, I think that simply having a passion and living a goal-driven life is enriching and rewarding. This is just my opinion, but in large part because of my experiences with climbing, from realizing my dreams to developing unparalleled friendships, I have thus far enjoyed and loved my life.

On a separate note – being in NYC, navigating around, and climbing at Brooklyn Boulders (my future home-gym) made the end of August feel more real. August 27 I will be starting University in Manhattan at Columbia University. I am incredibly excited, though also a little nervous. Without a doubt I will continue to climb and train and excel to the best of my ability in the sport, though I will not be able to travel as frequently as I do now (not necessarily a bad thing..!) and I will have a rigorous curriculum to stay current with as well. Through high school, this lifestyle routine worked well, and I hope that it works equally well, if not better, while I am a student at Columbia. I am also really excited to live in NYC – my favorite city in the World…!!!

Live passionately and don’t be afraid of challenges. =]



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