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Grand Canyon Bound - Michael Buell

Grand Canyon Bound - Michael Buell
June 06, 2012 -  Michael Buell    

Now its time for something a little bit different!
About 7 or 8 months ago my fiance Sandi and I got invited on a Grand Canyon Trip. This was back at the point in time when we had yet to see any schedule’s released for this season Race Calendar. I had just finished up with last years season. So seeing how this River trip would fit into this years Bike race season at that point in time was a bit impossible. In reality though, that didn’t even matter the slightest. Obtaining a River Permit for a private raft trip through the grand canyon is no easy task, people go decades without getting the opportunity. So when we got invited to be a part of this trip we immediately said “Yes Please”!!!


We’d make it happen and plan the rest of the Summer around it! So as I type we are currently driving through the last few miles of Western Colorado, soon to be Utah. We have left a few day’s early to make a bit more of an adventure on the way! Today is June 5th, we put in at Lee’s Ferry on the 9th. The next few day’s we will explore some sweet spots along the way. Once were on we will have 16 days on the river (the longest time our permit allows).

Bike racing is awesome! I will be missing a few events for this river trip, but that is OK. I think it is important to experience as much as possible on this planet. Traveling through one of this countries greatest canyons is an experience not to miss! When I get off I will be even hungrier to race!

In the meantime I’ll be floating the relaxi-taxi, and hiking through all the other awesome side canyons that make up the big hole!!!

Adios for now!!!


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