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Great Month of Climbing - Sierra Carroll

Great Month of Climbing - Sierra Carroll
Great Month of Climbing - Sierra Carroll
June 01, 2012 - 

Its such a great feeling to be back to training consistently and finally starting to climb well again. At the beginning of the month I finished my first year as an Aerospace Engineer and headed back to Colorado Springs for the summer. First weekend back I had the opportunity to volunteer for Youth Regionals at CityRock in Colorado Springs. I had helped forerun some of the routes for the youth competitors the day before, and was very excited to see all of the competitors compete the next day for the possibility of going to Divisional Championships. The next day I had a great time volunteering and helping encourage the competitors throughout the day, everyone did a great job along with all the setters that made it possible.


The next weekend after getting settled back in at home and beginning to work at the climbing gym again I couldn't wait to climb outside so even with a 30% chance of rain some friends and I decided to head to Shelf Road anyways to see how many routes we could get in before the storm came. Sadly we were not able to climb as much as we had wanted to before a huge thunderstorm came into the valley and we had to hike out in the rain. Though it was a rather disappointing day outside we were able to come back to the gym to finish off the day with a good training session on many of the climbs that the youth competitors had done the past weekend.

With much anticipation this past weekend I was able to have a great day outside climbing at Shelf we found some great hard climbs to project and had a great day of climbing. I can't wait to get back down to Shelf next weekend to hopefully finish some of the great climbs we found and projected this past weekend. Though in the mean time I have spent the week coaching, working at CityRock and best of all having some great training sessions as I quickly regain my strength after taking time off after having a concussion. Today I spent the day training at Movement in Boulder with some friends from the East Coast who just moved out the spend the summer in Boulder. Overall not only has today been a very successful and great day of training but the whole month has been great to get back into the climbing scene more and have the time and opportunity to train more. I can't wait to find out what the next month holds. Good luck to Team USA tomorrow!


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