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Spring to Summer Climbing - Michaela Kiersch

Spring to Summer Climbing - Michaela Kiersch
Spring to Summer Climbing - Michaela Kiersch
Spring to Summer Climbing - Michaela Kiersch
June 01, 2012 -  Michaela Kiersch    

My last few trips to the Red River Gorge have not been as successful as the Spring season. The weather has turned pretty hot, and those of you who have climbed there in the summer know that hot weather is horrible down in Kentucky! I have been trying to battle it out with the 90 degree weather and smothering humidity. I have ticked a few hard 5.12 sends and onsights, but I really have my sights set on a climb at the Darkside called Swingline (5.13d). I have only tried it twice, and been able to do all of the moves pretty easily, but unfortunately I was pretty exhausted due to the weather and lack of sleep. This route is going to be a challenge because not only does it involve a ton of endurance on super steep wall, but there is a pretty hard boulder problem at the top!


This season has taught me a lot in terms of my climbing. My stronger suit seems to be endurance, whereas my weakness is power or bouldery moves. I like having something like this to work on, it' motivation to keep improving! So far, I feel like I am climbing stronger than ever, hopefully that only continues.

This past weekend, I ordered some pizza from Miguels and sat with some friends for the wait. One of them was Nick Duttle, a very respected and accomplished climber. We began talking about climbing and sponsorships and the whole scene. For me, it was very eye opening to hear a perspective from someone who has already accomplished what I want in life. Nick told me to try a number of really hard routes in the Red, thing I had never even thought of getting on. It helped me to realize that the only way I will get stronger is to try, and if I want to send that hard- I have to get on things at that level.

I have learned a lot about what it takes to set and reach goals, I have a huge ticklist for these next few years and I only have time for improvement.

With all of this being said, I can't wait to climb at Divisionals in Minnesota next weekend! I'm xcited to see all my friends, and to see how I climb in an important competition.

Until then,


Photo credit: Julien Gasc

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