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Disaster in Frankenjura - Steve Mcclure

Disaster in Frankenjura - Steve Mcclure
May 31, 2012 - 

There are two things that make The Frankenjura famous. Monos and cakes. These two things represent the extremes of my most feared and most loved things in the world. So I guessed a trip here would work out about even when combining the two, and I didn’t actually have to pull on monos as there is always an easier way round the back.


So game on! Spoon at the ready. Five days was going to be plenty. But day one started badly, flying in after lunch time and going direct to cliff but with the knowledge of a free evening BBQ to come. Great steak, but no cake!

Day 2 was off to a good start, as we entered a bog standard village bakery and were presented with a vast array of all things chocolate and creamy. This was what we were really here for. However, a momentary ‘performance’ blip came over me, this being the best chance of climbing hard today, and not wanting to blow it, I, quite amazingly, came out with a selection of granary rolls and some flapjacks. But this was no stress, as we’d seen the future, and the future was cake!

Day 3. As I should have guessed, not eating cake made no difference, I was still rubbish. So no need to hold back. We went direct to a recommended bakery only to find we could not find it. So the next hour was spent frantically hunting, only to find an under par fancy shop that had sold out, and a supermarket that was basically a bread shop with a few token chocolate doughnuts.

Day 4. No messing now. We drove straight back to Bakery from day 2. There would be no mistakes today! But hang on, its Sunday, and absolutely everything is shut! Not only no cakes, but nothing! So back to our doss to gather together various emergency supplies from England including a few flapjacks that had disintegrated, an energy bar with a date out of 2010, and a malt loaf that looked like it had been ran over by a steam roller and was thin enough to use as a book mark!

Day 5, flying at 10pm, this gave us enough time to make up for all our bad luck! So we headed to apparently the best bakery in the area. And there it was, looking amazing, but looking shut! Bank Holiday, nothing open! Foiled again. Service station Pretzls had to do.

So on this trip the score was: Cakes – zero. Monos – 30.

Looks like I need to come back to settle the score!! 


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