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Back to Dubizzle - Jeff Provenzano

Back to Dubizzle - Jeff Provenzano
May 30, 2012 - 

Well, its only May and I already made my 3rd trip to Dubai for 2012. Definitely racking up the Sky Miles quickly this year. Dubai, as always, was incredible, and I must admit, it gets tougher each time to leave. The UAE has become my home away from home. The more time spent there, the more I become attached to this foreign land. The locals are extremely warm and hospitable towards me and if it was up to them, I would never be allowed to leave. They would want to keep me there.


Like every trip to Dubai, it was awesome and loaded with rad skydives and wind tunnel sessions. But what stands out the most from this past visit are my new friends, Nada, Radwa, Hamda, Shaikha and Jalilia. Together they are the Asaar Divas, the first Arab Female Skydiving Team in history and the first in the Gulf. This is a big deal for the Arab world and culture where women generally do not participate in activities like this. But in Dubai, things like this are happening, thanks to Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum , the Crown Prince, also the president of the Dubai Sports Council. The Sheikh sponsors the UAE Womens Skydiving team and also supports the sport of skydiving. The Asaar Divas are lucky girls to have this opportunity and they deserve it. Young, energetic, and an incredible passion for skydiving, they are part of a ground breaking moment that bridges a big gap between two worlds apart. I am very happy for them and to call them my friends. By the way, asaar means tornado in Arabic, so keep an eye out for them as they storm the world.

As for the rest of my adventures… from here its back to Switzerland for more wing suit BASE. Then the rest of May I am off to Washington DC for an Airshow, Los Angeles to film a car commercial and Virginia Beach for a Wounded Warrior event.


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