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1st at the European Cup in Moscow! - Loic Timmermans

1st at the European Cup in Moscow! - Loic Timmermans
1st at the European Cup in Moscow! - Loic Timmermans
1st at the European Cup in Moscow! - Loic Timmermans
1st at the European Cup in Moscow! - Loic Timmermans
May 30, 2012 -  Loic Timmermans    

This past weekend I went to Moscow for the second european cup of this year, after Edinburgh. It was really different of the other competitions because there were only a few countries present. The organisation build a climbingwall especially for the comp in a big hall during an 'extreme' festival. The qualifications went good even if I topped out with 5 other russian guys... Next day we visited Moscow and saw the beautiful red square. Sunday where the finals and I honestly, hoped they would be really hard ! Otherways with the new (stupid) rule, time would determinate the winner if there are ex-aequos... Fortunately, I was last to climb the route and because the isolation zone was just behind, I knew nobody topped it ! So I tought : Go for it ! I didn't went very fast and just wanted to top it, like it actually always should be ! And that's what I did, I topped the route ! I was really happy to win this comp and of course, topping out all the routes !

The girls (youth A) had less chance... Their final route was too easy and three of them topped the route. Anak Verhoeven of the belgian team, also climbed last but this time knew the route already has been topped ! So she climbed really fast and could be a bit faster than the second... BUT she wasn't really happy like me ! She tought this isn't honest. It's also so not fun to, because of a stupid rule, have to climb as fast as possible to win and not climbing like our own style ! This is not speed ! So I really hope this case will show the stupidity of this rule !!!

Besides this, the comp was a real succes, even if if the wall wasn't high, the routes were beautifull and people was great there !

The russians were also really impressive and it's really sad to know they can't come to more european cups !

Next comp next week in Voiron (FRA) for another european cup !

Thanks to all my sponsors !!


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