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Overall Winning of the National Cup - Tomáš Binter

Overall Winning of the National Cup - Tomáš Binter
Overall Winning of the National Cup - Tomáš Binter
Overall Winning of the National Cup - Tomáš Binter
Overall Winning of the National Cup - Tomáš Binter
May 29, 2012 - 

In Prague took place the third competition of the Czech national Cup. I won again and that means I won the overall Cup, even before all competitions took place. 

On Friday I had the most important exam at school I've ever had.. And on Saturday I competed in very important competition - this should determine the national team.  Luckilly I passed the exam very successfully. That also lightened my mind and allowed me to focus only on saturday's competing.


I looked forward to this competition. This wall in Prague fits me, and also I  was curious about the routes, which were prepared by new routesetters duo. But I have to say, they were perfect.

The day began very funny. Lots of us were surprised by the first route. - Just slightly overhanging, with tiny holds, and from the beginning very hard. That was something different, than we're used to in competition route. Then came a rest in the half and from there the route was easy until a boulder at the very top. There fell lots of good climbers, but luckilly I solved this problem easily and topped out.

Second route of qualification seemed to be opposite to the first one. - Very overhanging, slopers, no rests... - That mixed the results, and finally there were only two people, who had both tops. Me and Jiri, old legend of Czech competition climbing.

I didn't feel confident for the finals. I knew I had been in a good shape, but I was worry not to do a mistake, not to let my foot slip or something like that. Even whilst observating the route for the finals I missed a tiny hold. But luckily I got an advice from another competitor and when I was coming under the wall, I noticed it. 

I didn't like the route as much as the qualification rounds, but even though it was nice and I did well in it. I fell at the end, with last quickdraw next to my eyes. Jiri fell one hold earlier, and so I won.
 After short counting I found out, that now I cannot lose the overall standings, despite of the fact one more competition will take place.  Also I got to the national team from 1st place.

Theese were perfect days.. Now couple of weeks for training and then I'll do my best in Chamonix 


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