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Toketee Falls - David Fusilli

Toketee Falls - David Fusilli
Toketee Falls - David Fusilli
May 24, 2012 - 

This was a 20 foot waterfall into a 70 foot waterfall.  I was stoked to have good footwear because getting into this one was a bit sketchy.

I wanted to share this for several reasons.  One, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  Two, it was one of the sickest waterfalls that I had ever run.  And three,  it was sketchy as hell getting into the river to run this drop.  That is the main reason I wanted to share this with Five Ten.  Without good footwear I would have been way more scared doing this mission.


So I will give you a quick run down on entering the river for the waterfall.  It involved a very slippery, wet traverse across a cliff face,  After you made the traverse and the down climb, you had to jump from the base of the cliff face to a wet log, and from the log onto a rock.  Once you where on the rock you where at least kind of in a good spot.  From this rock is where we got into our kayaks and slid off the rock and over another log and into the river.  Once I got into the river I had to move to the left side of the lip of the first 20 foot waterfall and get a good pull off the damn thing.  This all went super well for me. So now im in an eddy below the 20 footer and getting ready to line up the 70 foot waterfall.  I took a deep breath, pulled out of the eddy and looked right down the middle of the big drop.  Stayed composed until I thought I was close to the bottom, threw my paddle and tucked her up.  I ended up having a real nice line which usually results in a soft hit at the bottom and it did.  As I rolled back upright I looked up in amazement at that amazing waterfall that I had just run. 

Photo credit: Jared Seiler

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