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S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
S'horabaixa, Making off Filming the Spot - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
May 21, 2012 - 

All projects with Aleix we always have been based on trust and be clear about one thing, we are working, and if we enjoyed the better, and begin all projects with Aleix and this time also Josep Malo.
Aleix A few months ago the commission speak to me to do a publicity spot on the farm S'horabaixa located in Mallorca, we exchanged emails for days until finally all fits, dates, schedules, logistics, etc..


And it all started like this:
Thursday-night we arrived at the airport of Palma de Mallorca, there waiting for us and collected us Josep Poor Pol Roca and me, began what would be two and half days of working non-stop to psicobloc although the water was icy, recording boulders but that wind was unbearable and the blades of strips you would open the skin after a morning soak doing soloing, making actors, occasional tourists.
Friday-well early and we are running, the phones start ringing, many kilos of material in several cars, cranes, tripods, traveling, cameras, ropes, etc, etc, and left with Toni Marcello in La Cova del Diable, our intention is to record Two Smoking Barrels, but on reaching the top of the cliff and start looking for triangular points decreases and other meetings, we realize that getting into those conditions is suicide, there are rough seas, and everything is pretty wet, Tues low and suddenly the tide rises suddenly and waves smash against the roof of the Cova del diable everything in its path.
We have to change plans, so after consulting various weather sites and some calls, we decided the best place will Cala Barques, a place so we have had better not go in summer. In a while we are there doing a tutti plen portages to the second cave in Cala Barques.
The sea is a bit calmer, but still and so does not look good, we set the installation to pick Aleix Josep and while recording from the other side of the cave in front view, warm up with some soloing easy and we began to enter in fall and Pol Roca Metrosexual makes Solecito view, as usual, we recorded a few falls and today we have some of the work done, the weather changed again and the sea does not let up, it's time to withdraw
We are back in S'horabaixa, we have prepared a lavish meal, where we eat together, explaining how it went the first day of shooting, no truce, and we say we have to go to Santanyi, we are left with Toni Marcelo and three more members of Dyreco Climbing Team to record scenes of bouldering.
Santanyi is a sport climbing area near the sea and at the base of a watchtower, a lot of ways to suit all tastes and difficulties, but also scattered around the base of a limestone blocks very peculiar, very few blocks interesting forms, there would record another part of the spot.
Back to S'horabaixa we expect a paella made ??by our friends, made with love, to a simmer, and continue to delight us there dreaming, being here is the closest thing to paradise, a fantastic rural setting with fine detail care, excellent service and all the amenities you need, no doubt a good retirement.
Saturday-We are again underway, this time is make some shots at the entrance of the house, making lunch, Aleix not teach the steady cam, and see what he does with it, every day more and more than once we decide to finish with this part missing psicobloc planes and seen the day before going back to Cala Barques, but at the first cave, it seems that we are very lucky, as we walk and we approach the beach you will hear a strong wind, leaving the small forest our worst expectations come true, three-meter waves, one day more suitable for surfing than for soloing, but since we do not lack optimism and the work is the first thing we get to the cave see if being a little open water is possible to scale the picture is Dante, a heavy swell, and decided that under these conditions one can get in the water, we would have an accident.
As part of the announcement he wants to show some activities that can be done about the escalating since S'horabaixa, we advance the set of sequences of climbing, the area chosen by Les Perxés Inca, there with Simon that makes us good local and teaches methods of roads, paths, etc, and we captured the way that echoes Simon Command Madrid to heat an entire show, two ropes hanging in the void, the boatswain Josep Malo, the camera on top of the cave and Aleix recording levels from below, crane and a show, Pol Roca is raging with Peu Dret Command left Madrid and one of the best attempts to pinpoint the leaves, we to return, while the little time left to us what we take to climb a bit and we're back to S'horabaixa.
As said our script for the night had prepared a party / barbecue, the dishes first Mr. Toni Marcelo (Dj Dyreco) and already in an advanced night we delight Alex Cortes (Dj S'horabaixa) hits us where struck a resonant chord with Txitxi and other partygoers, but before some of the work was to record the sequence with the chiropractor and Monica for the day had brought, I was grateful.

The night was lengthened until 5 am the youngest of the participants made ??it clear that Pol Roca is a night owl, the rest were withdrawing in stages, I am the first.
Sunday- Back home, while Josep Aleix and stay until Tuesday finishing rolling planes. From here the work is a thing of the directors of the spot, and hope to soon see the work done that without any doubt, and having seen rough small pieces of work done so far does not disappoint us.

I want to thank Paloma, Alex, Roger, George, Txitxi, for hosting us and treat us so well in S'horabaixa for offering all the comforts and count on us for this adventure that we had a great time, again.

A Aleix, thanks friend, Josep Poor delighted to meet you, a pleasure working with you.

thank you very much


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