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Almost a Month out of Mexico, in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull

Almost a Month out of Mexico, in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month out of Mexico, in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month out of Mexico, in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month out of Mexico, in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month out of Mexico, in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
Almost a Month out of Mexico, in Colorado - Diego Lopez Montull
May 19, 2012 - 

Almost a month out of Mexico, in Colorado.

The last days in Mexico City were good but needed a change, I make many new boulder problems, and also train a lot in the plastic the climbing GYM. live with friends with whom I began to climb, which had not seen in ages or scale with which to develop new areas in Mexico. But naw some were back in Mexico City which made it easy, go out and get another boulder area in Hidalgo, Pachuca, Mineral del Chico. Also some skills which is very rare for my had many years of not participating in bouldering competitions, but I slowly get used to achieve them again, magic!!! is not just a matter of will approach and try to really not be a float , as in everything.


Late in April, overnight buy my plane ticket, towards Denver.

With the idea of climbing the first few days with David Graham and Chad G, a new area of boulders that began to develop just a few days ago, also with the other idea of training a lot for the competence of Vail.

Climbing with David .G is always motivating, never to this David and chad are a good team developed further persons boulder hits and as human beings and friends are two, which one can learn a lot. David always the perfect attitude to develop it as something new is not very interested in repeating boulder which makes it an excellent climber and visionary rock, every time we are less for those who like to leave his legacy in this way.

All these idea come out very nice people received me very well in Boulder, which reminds me I have some coming years for several months in the summer and this place and miss some good friends in this part of the world.

This year and have done some boulders in the new area call wail basin in RMNP, proved too little and others a few boulders V15 V14. Which makes me strong, because in a few hit some boulders are very possible in a few more attempts.

By this I know the training and climbing in recent months has been very productive, which is good means that all those hours trying to improve have been fruitful.

After 10 days to be going almost nonstop to waild basin in RMNP, developing walking boulders far the motivation is good and constant David .G leaves for Australia for 2 months after, South Africa. A place to go if all goes fink wind. So stick with the chat naw, climbing to death. Going one day at a rock and two to Climbing GYM so for 5 days then a break.

The last few days, the weather has been not sow good for climbing on the rock bot i used the time well, training hard in the plastic does not break for 5 days 5 hours assignments, all for the competition and now nothing but missing 20 days which I used very well in the rock and training for the world cup Vail.

In rail and managed to make some boulders V10, V8 and easier, in some more later I cleaned that up them, but that I really like to get dirty cleaning a rock and put magnesia, then have to be a game for other climbers.

Also in this area of Colorado in summer there is always snow days and in a few days everything turns green and then to my very cool this is always surrounded by mountains, with snow and with a not very cold but not so hot right now but in a few days will be making more heat, but it is still possible went out to climb in the mountains

Cultural mind traveling to the U.S. is good for my experience I am filled with power scale with many climbers and young who are dedicated to what I is climbing, but some are specified in other competitions in the rock, but it is nice you have many types and ideas in climbing. for me this is very good because in Mexico there are many people who spend just that and it makes me feel normal here in the USA, sometimes in Mexico do not know if I'm doing or not there are people that talk about and everyone sees this as a dream impossible to achieve, but that's a lie, is a matter of finding a passion in life, something that satisfies you.

With respect to tacos and food, no problem just in boulder everything is more expensive, but equally there are tortillas, burritos, bean burgers etc ...

As for the plans, nothing is certain. June 2 is the world cup Veil. then I have or want to go to South Africa. The only thing holding me back is money as always, I can do the brakes slow the fulfill my dreams or goals, but we are fighting against it and somehow or other I think being in Africa having new boulders.

Photo credit: Cameron M.

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