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A Spring Update - Jason Kruk

A Spring Update - Jason Kruk
A Spring Update - Jason Kruk
A Spring Update - Jason Kruk
A Spring Update - Jason Kruk
A Spring Update - Jason Kruk
A Spring Update - Jason Kruk
May 18, 2012 - 

Hey Five Ten world. A quick update:

Most have likely read about my and Hayden Kennedy's trip to the Cerro Torre range in southern Patagonia this past winter, so I won't go into much detail. We had what I would describe as an audacious season, climbing all four Torres (Standhardt, Herron, Egger, Cerro Torre) in fine fast style. Also, a new route on another beautiful face we called The Gentleman's Club. We managed to be the first to skip the hundreds of bolts placed along Cerro Torre's southeast ridge, what they called a 'fair means' ascent. We then proceeded to remove over a hundred bolts from the mountain, restoring the summit of the Torre to its rightful place amongst the most difficult spots on the planet to reach.

Many legendary figures spoke out in support of our actions, a few vilified us. Both are equally unimportant - that's their story, not ours.


It was great to be back home in Squamish in early spring. I did some awesome steep skiing in the coast range and some huge days of powder slaying with some key motivated brothers. My fitness was nearing an all time high. Almost every day I would charge up the backside of the Squamish Chief with a heavily loaded paraglider bag. Perfect training for alpinism - and I could fly off and land some 200' from my house.

The bad news came that my expedition to Pakistan fell threw. I was bummed. To cheer up I boarded a plane for France a couple days later with alpine climbing gear, skis, and a paraglider. I was planning on a mountain holiday of north faces, steep skiing, and lots of flying in the Chamonix area. The weather would not cooperate, forcing us pretty soon to the south of France for sunny sport climbing and world class flying in the historic Gorges du Verdon. Not a bad compromise!

I'm back again in Squamish via Los Angeles, where I appeared on a gag for the hit TV show Tosh.0. It was highly entertaining and my first time appearing in front of the camera for Hollywood. You'll see me climbing in my absolute favorite rock shoe, the Supermocc. This supremely sensitive little slipper suits me so well I highly recommend it.

As a write this I place another piece of gear in a Rubbermaid bin, ready for quick deployment to the Canadian Rockies for alpine climbing when the weather allows. That's the top priority of spring, along with pushing things a little farther in the air...

Photos copyright Paul McSorley and Jason Kruk

Photo credit: Paul McSorley, Jason Kruk

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