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In Extremis, Savassona - Ferran Guerrero Hervas

In Extremis, Savassona - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
In Extremis, Savassona - Ferran Guerrero Hervas
May 13, 2012 - 

Start the heat, yesterday rondamos 30 °, the boulder starts to blur as each year,provided they do not do the classics up or down to Malniu Pyrenees of Lleida looking cold, but for now, here except some cave and cool evenings, we just take the mat.

So you have to give way again to the rope, and with Pol decided to go to spend an afternoon working Savassona a project that I have long wanted to try and I've talked a lot to Pol, knowing it would be of his style and would like, we knew it would rain, and it did, but thanks to the steep roof and the other who is on top we have not dipped in the afternoon.


The road is In Extremis 8c? Ramon Julian a project team for about 4/5 years and still remains without first ascent, this pathway is located under the roof of Sant Feliuet right of the road Dits of railway, is located almost all day to shadow is a very short 5 via insurance and chain, totally explosive and block, could be divided into three sections, to the third sure there is a long way here and there is a crux, which is to take the strip and jump to it and then here comes the second crux, a little support for the right hand and launch from inside the roof to the hole you see in the photo above, taken once this hole came the third section of the route a section of plate simpler than the above.

Pol devote much of the afternoon to try the track, and as he had recommended would be given good fix on their first day of work 90% of the track and spending the rest to work release section, as are placed the tapes is almost impossible to prove the loose step and every attempt should be lowered to the ground and re-stringing the entire section, I am sure that in time can enchain, hunting hole pitch is a matter of, time, luck and take the gesture, but yesterday I remain very close.

For my part I had already tried on another occasion, a couple of years, but without much success, yesterday is not to sound the flute, is a way that far yet but I still motivates me to train for it, launch it stratospheric see, but when you see Pol as it does seems easy, we will continue working it.


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